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Monday, February 7, 2011

Cherry Breakfast Bites

My friend, Dana, posted this tantalizing note on Facebook last week....

"Made easy breakfast this morning... dipped biscuits in butter, then cinnamon/sugar, then made a thumbprint in middle, and filled it with a tsp of cherry pie filling... Iced with powdered sugar and milk mixed together... Awesome!"

...and then she posted this photo

Photo Source:  Dana Alexander
I told her that sounded like a future Flip Flop Foodie blog post!  Now, it is Monday morning, I have no time to write a long blog, bake, or be creative.... a million things to I'll leave you with this fun little addition to the "quick breakfast" recipe list.  Thanks, again, Dana for sharing some great recipes!

A Quick Add-on Note:

These would be great with apple pie filling or any other favorite canned pie filling.

I think I am going to make them rolled in sugar - without cinnamon - and use a bit of lemon curd in the center...and add some lemon zest to the's a mini danish...I can never find a good lemon danish down I'm thinking this will be breakfast one morning this week!!!

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1 comment:

  1. I switched to peach pie filling my next go around and added pecans... We like the cherry best, but D liked the pecans... Dana


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