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Thursday, February 17, 2011


flipflop wines... my new favorite!
I recently had the opportunity to sample some really nice new California wine, produced under the label flipflop wines.  Now, needless to say, with that name, I was hopeful of finding a casual and appealingly "drinkable" wine.  I received 3 bottles and have sampled only one so far.  I was one tired baker at the end of nearly a week of non-stop daily baking...and last night I just wanted to put my feet up and have a cold glass of wine before bed.  So, I cracked open the Pinot Grigio....all I can say is "let's get these wines retailed in Texas"!!!  If I had been served this glass of Pinot Grigio in a blind sampling, I would have likely selected it over many $15-20 bottles of Pinot Grigio ... and guess what... it retails for $7/bottle!

For many years I have enjoyed having what I consider to be "my house wine" on hand.  First it was an Italian Pinot Grigio that I could only get intermittently at Central Market in Austin.  I bought it by the case when I could find it.  I then became enamored of New Zealand's Nobilio Sauvignon Blanc...almost always have it on hand.  My new choice for a house wine would definitely be the flipflop wine Pinot Grigio!  Actually, as soon as I finished the first glass, I got online to order a case...but gulp...found the shipping charge of $42 was a bit pricey for my current post-Christmas anemic pocketbook.  Perhaps I'll need to look at a smaller quantity ;-p and that is certainly available!

I'll be ordering though, as soon as my pockets are slightly more plumped up :-)  I will say, even with's a good price per bottle...but it's more like $10.50/bottle $9.80/bottle (case discount) than $7.00/bottle when you add shipping to the tally.  THAT'S why we need local retailing!  Until then - it is available online through underdog wine merchants.  The only thing more I could ask for would be beach-size individual plastic of course.  Some people like having a beer on the beach... I thoroughly enjoy drinking wine on the beach.  No glass on the beach prevents me from doing so unless I break down and buy mini bottles of a less tasty "other brand".  I know plastic bottles and white wine are not a good I'll likely be unsatisfied in this wish.

I don't have the wine palate that detects all those subtle flavors you hear "wine folks" talking about...hints of this and that... I'm much more of a plebeian connoisseur.  I just know "does it taste good?" ... and "do I want a second glass?"  The answer to that, with the flipflop winery's Pinot Grigio, was a resounding yes.  It's light, it's crisp - yet smooth -'s refreshing. Yum.

I particularly like the label art a LOT (flipflops of course) and I like the concept of the charity they support SOLES 4 SOULS... For every bottle of flipflop wine purchased, Soles4Souls
will distribute a pair of shoes to someone in need.
What a great concept!

*Up to 100,000 pairs in the first year

Also, note, these are screw top wine bottles.  Some turn their noses up at screw top bottles, but I actually prefer them for a crisp white wine.  I can't tell you how many glasses of wine I have picked pieces of cork from...a white wine, in my humble opinion, is absolutely fine sans cork.  I know there is debate over cork vs screw top... but, I don't care.  It's easier to open and I can screw the lid on easily when I want to finish the bottle the next day or use it in cooking.  Here's a good article that makes an easily understood explanation of both sides of the debate.

So, the Pinot Noir and the Riesling await my pleasure.  I'll get to those as soon as my hubby is here to share the goods.  He's the Pinot Noir afficianado... I'll be having most of the Riesling :-)

My favorite label is the Pinot Grigio...followed closely by the Pinot Noir
Very South Padre Islandish...don't you think?
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