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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dirty Al's - on South Padre Island

I've written several reviews about Dirty Al's - mostly have visited the Port Isabel location - but certainly have gone to the island location several times - but not in the past 6 months.  We live on the mainland side so Port Isabel is an easy destination for dinner.  Last Friday night, February 11th, we headed out to eat...kinda later than we usually go.  My hubby had just rolled in from Austin and was tired and we were all hungry.  I asked him what his preference was and he said "Dirty Al's".  We pulled into the Pelican's Station location to find the parking lot full and the waiting area filled.  We circled right on out of that lot.  My hubby said "just go on across" I turned right onto the causeway...and he said "I meant across to Pirate's Landing".  Uh, well, too late!  I told him if said to "go across" - to me that meant across the bridge!

We proceeded onwards to Dirty Al's on the island and, thankfully, they were not overcrowded.  Apparently they close a little earlier though, because we hadn't even gotten our food when they were turning off the open sign and flipping the signs to say "closed". was only 7:45!  Anyway, Dirty Al's continues to provide the consistent good food we have come to expect...tonight I had an order of calamari for my main meal...with a small side salad.  Perfect.  Actually, there was so much squid I had to offer it up to the bottomless pits men at the table to help me finish it off.  The teen had his usual burger and fries, and my hubby had a boiled shrimp taco salad.  Pretty basic stuff - but everyone was happy with their orders.

One of the best things about eating on the island is I'm now to the point where I tend to see someone I know or at least someone I recognize.  This evening was no different.  Joni and Griff, from Paragraphs on Padre Blvd., were finishing up their meal.  Joni stopped at the table to say hi.  It's always good to see folks we know.  I finally feel like a local!  Love small town America :-)

So, there's the update on Dirty Al's...everything is copasetic!  Good grub as always.

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