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Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm in Austin enjoying my anniversary with my hubby this week-end.  Haven't stepped foot in a kitchen except to pour coffee at my sister's house.  I come there are no barbeque places in South Padre Island and Port Isabel?  Am I missing something?  I grew up with Texas barbeque and I miss it terribly.  There's a Rudy's in Brownsville and that's the closest I've come to finding good barbeque.  We tried a place in Los Fresnos, Wild Blue...while the meat was good, the sauce was awful (IMHO and my family's opinion too) so we didn't go back.  Good's something I miss a lot.  My family laughs at me when I come to Austin... they know I want good Tex-Mex and I want good Barbeque...every time!

My oldest son was good enough to invite his brother over for movies and burgers so we could get away without the teen for a bit.  We enjoyed a neighborhood Chinese Restaurant for dinner here - good food, efficient service, good prices.  I enjoy Uchi on the island... but I like a little neighborhood Chinese place to go to when I'm in Austin.  My son recommended Twin Lions in Austin...near his home.  Two thumbs up.  This allowed my hubby and me to shop (I'm sure he was thrilled) - we were going to a movie but the only thing we wanted to see was in 3-D...and I get nauseated watching 3-D movies.  Bummer.  I did enjoy getting a couple of kitchen will read about those in the near future I have no doubt :-)

We'll be stopping in Central Market on our way back to the coast in a few hours.  I always enjoy a walk through my favorite gourmet grocery.  Never walk out empty handed! 

Six hours up here on Saturday and six hours home on Sunday.  Lots of driving for a week-end...but it is worth it to spend my anniversary with my hubby and get to see my family (or at least parts of the family). 

All of that said...I'll borrow Leon Russell's fine words... "I hope you understand I just had to get back to the island..."

I'll be back in the kitchen the meantime, Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!StumbleUpon

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  1. Have to laugh...last stop before leaving ATX was Maudie's for Tex-Mex. I even gave up my stop at Central Market to take the time to eat out one more time. Their salsa and chips are awesome...their enchiladas, their caldo, their tacos...alllll YUMMY! But, I'm back home now...coastal "breezes" are fierce...however, looks like it's going to be a gorgeous week!!!


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