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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Final Post?

Due to the need for quality cancer treatment, my husband and I have relocated from the South Padre Island area back to Austin.  I love blogging, so I don't know where my interests will lead me.  I will leave this blog up because it still gets quite a bit of foot traffic - just realize, I am unable to update anything regarding current status of restaurant reviews.  The island is an ever-changing scenario of eateries.  The nature of the tourist industry and the high price of commercial real estate makes it a challenge for restaurants to remain viable.  Those who do are likely the good ones!

If you seek up-to-date information on restaurants in the area, I encourage you to ask questions on the Facebook page "South Padre Island Concierge" - it is extraordinary helpful and the locals will definitely respond with their opinion.

Wish me luck on my journey and I will post an update if/when I get my mind wrapped around the premise for a new blog in my old (and new again) stomping grounds of Austin, Texas.  There are already a plethora of restaurant reviewers - I won't go down that path again - it was a niche that was needed filling when I started this blog in SPI.  Not really a need in ATX.  I'll be thinking about it as things get settled.  I will still monitor comments and answer email questions if I can.

Thanks for all of the support through the years!

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