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Friday, March 25, 2011



PsychaDeli... another primo island spot that I have managed to miss for all the years I've been here as both a tourist and a resident.  I always noticed it 'cause I liked the name...we just seemed to be on the hunt for shrimp when we vacationed here :-) and now...not searching for shrimp so much! 

I was finishing up a long morning of work and wanting to get in some of this beautiful sunshine and decided to head over to the island to grab a sandwich.  My goal was a sandwich.  Definitely nothing fried.  I'd recently read some good things about another spot and was going to stop there...but they were so crowded I just kept on driving (apparently "Spring Break" isn't all the way over...lots of kids still on the island!).

My second thought was immediately "PsychaDeli" - I'd heard so many good things about it from my local friends on Facebook, I didn't hesitate to point myself in their direction.  After Hurricane Dolly wiped out their old abode in 2008, they moved into a bright green building on Padre just can't miss it.  It's certainly a much better location from the outside anyway!

I pulled in and it didn't appear crowded with cars...but it was fairly full inside.  Lots of locals, a few visitors, some obvious college students....still, not overwhelming and I was third in line.  I grabbed a menu and started perusing it, all the while scanning the is just an awesome place.  There is a lot to see!  It's definitely psychadelic...and when I saw the dude taking orders, I knew I'd landed in a good place.  He defined the 60's/70's hippie.  My kinda guy :-)  By then I was feeling kinda groovy.  I ordered "to go", but I sort of wish I'd eaten in...there was so much to see!  A Grateful Dead lunchbox hanging from the ceiling, ceiling tiles painted so you have to crane your neck and see what's going on up there too..."scuse me while I kiss the sky" was entwined above my head.  Nods to the Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and the Doors abound.  Ahhhh, a great vibe.   Wonderfully artistic tile work - just more than I can remember....

I ordered my sandwich - The Yellow Submarine (minus the tomato), side of chips, and a bottled water.  Total a bit over $10 and I threw a dollar in the tip jar.  (I have to say it reminds me a bit of Thundercloud Subs in Austin).   I really had a hard time deciding what to get...I'll no doubt be returning fairly frequently because I have got to try some of their other offerings!  They have really good sounding salads, a choice of sides for the sandwiches which includes pasta, potato salad, chips, boiled egg, or carrots...deli sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, wraps...AND they have smoothies, shakes, cookies and turnovers (maybe more - that's what I saw), Espresso (the hubby will be happy), and their menu says Specialty Breads too.  I don't know if they baked the bread for my sandwich...but it was damn good!

I took my bag of food and went and sat at one of the beach access points and enjoyed the sun, the waves, and the sound of kids having fun.  It was beautiful and my sandwich was awesome.  Just the kind of sub I like...ham, salami, pastrami, American and provolone cheeses, lettuce, pickles, red onion, mustard and mayo.  Classic Lay's Potato Chips and an icy cold bottle of water.  YUMmmm...good stuff, good stuff!

I am full and content...definitely feelin' groovy!  You are going to want to try this place!  Peace Peace

5 – OMG – that was an outstanding meal!  I can’t wait to go back J

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