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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I haven't been to Yummies Bistro in years...I first went there when we came down for a couple of days as a "get away" one February in the early part of the last decade...and it was nippy, so we stopped in for coffee.  Then, I stopped in for coffee and a pastry a few years ago...but never since we moved here.  I tried to stop by last week but it was packed with Spring Break folks.  Today, I was in luck.

I knew it had different management/owners than the past times I'd visited so I hoped that the reviews I found on Urbanspoon proved true.  Some were not good but most really liked it.  I think, after today's visit, I'm going with the folks who really liked it!

The Combo Salad for $10.99
I decided to eat inside today as the outside tables were crowded when I arrived.  It was a bit chilly inside...but down here, we don't complain too much about that! :-)  The service was prompt and attentive, but not overly so.  I ordered an iced tea and perused the menu while I waited.  I'd seen the online menus so I had an idea of how expanded the menu had become compared to my last visits.  I selected the Combo Salad, a lovely plate of chicken salad, tuna salad, and egg salad...with fresh veggies and exceptional array of fresh fruit surrounding it.  (pears, apples, pineapple, grapes, plum, cantaloupe, strawberries, and kiwi!)   A cracker basket was served with it instead of bread...and I like crackers, so that's a plus for me.  They aren't cheap...but this plate was absolutely worthy of the $10.99 price tag.  I couldn't even finish all three salads.  I managed to polish off the chicken salad and the egg salad...but my tummy was getting full by the time I got to the tuna salad.  The tuna and the chicken were fresh and tasty...nice big chunks, both filled with dried and fresh fruits as well as tasty nuts.  Yummie indeed!  My least favorite was the egg salad (not bad - just not my favorite).  I am not a dill fan and it had dill all over it...and not as flavorful as the other two.  The two meat salads were outstanding though and the presentation was just lovely.

The only negative I had...the waitress brought my bill without checking to see if I wanted anything else.  I wasn't even halfway finished with my food when she deposited the bill and a mint on the table and walked away.  She'd been really great up until then :-)  I had every intention of finishing off the day with one of those lovely cups of European Sipping Chocolate advertised on the sign directly in my line of sight.  Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for my pocketbook - the cups of chocolate aren't cheap at $5.99 for demi-tasse size!)... I knew that right next door was my favorite  - Harlequin Gourmet Chocolat Shop!

Yummies Bistro at 700 Padre Blvd.
When I headed back to my car, I took another look at the photos I'd taken...and realized...I wasn't even remotely hungry and I ended up skipping the chocolate all together.  Now, don't's very unlike me to forgo chocolate!!!  It must be the Zumba I did this morning.  :-)  See...healthy below!!!  I'm laughing right out loud because as soon as I finish typing this, I'm going to go bake "something"...I don't know what, but today and tomorrow are baking days!  Bet there's some chocolate in whatever I end up doing.

One last look at the healthy incentive!
Yummies is only open for breakfast and lunch.  They close at 2:00.  I've never tried the breakfast but the menu looked I'll certainly be back!

4 – Lip smackin’ - good quality – flip flops will definitely be parked under their table again!

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