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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bayside Deli - Laguna Vista

Bayside Deli.... is not a deli. 

It is, however, a neighborhood joint that is filled with locals and workers. They have limited hours - closing after lunch - to reopen for dinner and other restricted operating hours. They have daily specials on a white board and I hear the Friday night Prime Rib is pretty good.  When we moved here in 2008, it was the first place we went to eat because it was just down the road and we were exhausted from unpacking.  They made us feel welcome to the neighborhood.  Over the years I have stopped in for bakery goods in the morning (great muffins and cinnamon rolls) and enjoyed breakfast with friends and family, as well as lunch on many occasions.  Dinner on only a couple of's more of a breakfast/lunch place for me.

Friday I met my lady friends there for a late lunch.  I generally go for the lunch special (they have a meat, usually 2 sides, fresh baked roll, and a simple dessert  - yummy) but the Friday special was/usually is catfish and I wasn't in the mood.  Instead I had a tuna sandwich on a fresh croissant with a side of Lay's Potato Chips and a pickle spear.  I cleaned my plate.  It was delicious!  I've also had, over the years, a Mexican plate, the spaghetti special, the bbq ribs special, chicken fried chicken (excellent) and I particularly enjoy a piece of the cake of the day - usually a sheet cake with a slab of icing...good stuff.  The teen likes their burgers, their cokes soft drinks are in a bottle or a can with a glass of ice served, and they have good iced tea and good hot coffee...served in a diner mug.  As it should be!

Sandy and her husband own the place and have been very friendly to me and mine...but she's definitely a Yankee!  Probably why my husband gets on so well with her :-)  I like her.  She talks back - so don't get uppity with her!  She's part of what makes this little thing work.  Our server, Debbie, was extremely attentive without being me that's a big plus. 

If you like to smoke, it is one of the few places you can go to in the area that allows smoking.  They don't have any fancy air handlers and the room isn't separated...and I'm generally one that can't tolerate cigarette smoke in a closed environment.  However, they have a lot of ceiling fans and Friday we even sat in the smoking section so KM could smoke...I was fine - it didn't bother me in the least.  I think it is because I know to expect it.  Thursday night we were at another restaurant (one of my favorites, on the island), and I almost left because the smoke from the bar was so strong.  I wasn't expecting it, see, and that makes a lot of difference.

Bayside Deli is more like a cafe...if it were run by southerners, the waitresses would have big hair and pink aprons over knit pants so tight you could see the hail damage on their thighs.  Sandy, nor her staff, has any of those things.  Don't wait for them to bring your tab - you just go up to the counter where the register is when you're done eating and they will ring you up.  If you are using plastic to pay - you have to tell them how much tip to put on after they tell you your total - they don't add on after they run the total.  It's unique...but I like it.  Some people don't - I've had neighbors complain about the smoke, the attitude, and other things that make Bayside Deli just what it is... a homegrown local joint.  Folks talkin' from table to table, hearing the gossip, fiery talk about politics both local and national...every little town should have one of these places...and most do!  If you like this sort of place - give it a try!  You'll find them at 725 Santa Isabel Blvd (aka County Road 510) right across from the police station/town hall/city park.

Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!

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