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Saturday, March 5, 2011


I held these apart from the last few days of posting because I wasn't sure how they would turn out.  I got the cookie cutter at the same time I ordered the other tropical cutters...and it really just looks like a sort of wocky oval.  I baked 9 of them...and I realized...duh, I have all right feet :-)  I could have probably flipped the cookie cutter the other way and had a pair!  So, I went ahead and outlined and floated them Thursday when I was doing the rest...but due to the larger surface area, they took longer to dry.

The first layer drying
Friday morning I was asking myself how the heck I was going to do this?  How would I make the straps?  I wanted a bit of bling (because that's the way I roll in MY flip flops!) and I had ended up with some strange color combinations.  I only can say I was really tired at the end of the day when I was putting a base on these flip flops.

I decided to thicken up the leftover blue and green frosting and use it for the straps and some other decor.  This time it would need to be piping bags and tips...squeeze bottles just weren't going to do the trick.  That got me into thinking maybe I could make some flowers like I did for the cupcakes.  Let them dry and then use them as a sugar decoration.  So I did that...but it was easier with buttercream.  I'm guessing my icing wasn't stiff enough to hold the piped shape...but a few turned out "okay" so I set them up to dry.  About that time, I got a text from the teen that he had left his laptop charger at home and would I bring it up to school. <sigh>  OK - off I went.  Since I was halfway to Wal-mart by that point I decided I would go and see if they had any Wilton sugar flowers...I had seen some daisies at Hobby Lobby last week-end and thought I'd check out the local offerings.  Sure enough!  There they I grabbed a pack.  Holy smokes - $5 for those little daisies!  The box included 6 small and 4 larger.  Geez, I'll need to learn to make sugar flowers...even if my little blue ones weren't the best, I know I could improve!  I'm sure not going to pay that much for a few little flowers.

Wilton Daisy Sugar Flowers

My poor little royal icing flowers...bless their hearts...needed more powdered sugar
When I got home, I started practicing how I wanted to pipe the "straps" on the flip flops.  I ended up using a #61 tip...kind of a curved leaf tip I guess...or maybe it is used for draping, I don't really know what all the tips do.  It worked so I went for it.  I used up all the blue royal icing piping the little blue flowery shapes so all my straps were going to have to be green.  No one said we were color coordinated around here...maybe it will start a new fashion trend!  LOL

So, this is the end of the current cookie project.  I have to start thinking about learning fondant.  I think the straps might have been better (and more consistent) if I had used strips of fondant.  We'll see.  I'm sure there are many more flip flop cookies in my future!

I like decorating cookies...I can eat the mistakes and no one is any wiser!!!

See - the straps are really hard to keep consistent.

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