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Friday, December 3, 2010

Parrot Eyes

As I drove over to the island this morning to get my nails done (at Venus Nails and Spa with Jenny of course!), I was next to a white vehicle with a Parrot Eyes sign on the stuck in my mind when my appointment was finished and I was feeling hungry!  See, advertising does pay :-)

This is only my second visit to Parrot Eyes.  I don't know why I don't go more often.  It's really tasty, well-priced, and what a lovely view on this gorgeous day!  It wasn't crowded, and most people were sitting out on the deck.  I didn't feel like being around a crowd - so I sat inside.  The staff are very friendly and attentive at Parrot Eyes - my drink order was taken immediately and I was provided a menu with the daily specials pointed out.  All within moments of being seated.

The specials are every day, I was told...and they are just $5.00.  Well, you can't beat that!  There was a taco plate, an enchilada plate, a pasta plate...and some others which didn't stick in my mind.  The first time I went there was last Fall - and I had a Cobb salad.  I remember it being very good.  Today I selected the $5.00 enchilada plate.  Very basic - no substitutions - 2 cheese enchiladas with a beef chili sauce, rice and beans.  I was almost surprised at how good they were!  Heavy cheese on top (just the way I like it) - the chili was good - and the tortillas thin and tender.  Excellent!  The ice tea was good (you may recall, I'm picky about my iced tea) - fresh and tasty.  The outstanding item on the plate, though, was the bowl of beans.  I had expected the typical refried beans...but these charro style beans were exceptional...with onion and bacon and quite spicy!  The rice was just so-so but when I added it to the brothy beans...frankly, I could have made a meal of those two items together.  The rice toned down the spice a bit - and it was just a perfect side!  I cleaned my plate and walked away full as a tick for a total of $7.52 plus tip. What a great deal.
I've driven by with the consideration of stopping on other occasions, but they were awfully crowded (Summer time).  I bet I won't wait another year to stop in!  Fall and Spring are likely the optimal times for locals to swing by - I'll leave it to the tourists for summer time fun!

Parrot Eyes on Padre Blvd

This is a fairly new facility, I'll add.  Very nicely done.  My photo didn't turn out so well - I'll try to get a better one...or better yet - look at their very nice website.  Their original business of recreational watersports has been around longer than the restaurant.  I remember it from when we used to vacation here.  My nephews reported they stopped in for a meal there and greatly enjoyed the tropical atmosphere.  I particularly liked looking out the huge windows at all the pelicans and bay views.  It's on the canal side that leads into the Laguna Madre.  There is a gift shop, pool tables, a bar/nightlife scene...lots to make folks happy.  I definitely recommend it whether you are a local, a Winter Texan, or a tourist!


3 1/2 – Pretty Darn Yummy - I feel my flip flops wanting to head back from time to time!

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