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Monday, December 6, 2010

A Cold and Windy Day at the Cafe on the Beach

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Today my hubby and I wandered over to the island for lunch.  He hadn't gotten to the beach since being home so I suggested we go to the Cafe on the Beach at the Palms Resort since it was beachfront.  He was amenable and off we went.  Wowzer it was chilly and we were both in short sleeves and no jacket.  I was, of course, in flip flops.  Brrrr...the windy overcast day was not very inviting!

We were regretting our decision shortly after ordering a big glass of iced tea!  The patio heaters were not putting out much warmth and the wind was cutting through every possible crack and crevice of the drop protectors that acted as a wind break.  My hubby moved over to my side of the table so we could share body warmth and ordered coffee, getting rid of his iced tea.  Our nice waiter finally told us the propane was empty (hence the lack of warmth) and, if we were cold, he would get a new tank.  We both nodded our heads vigorously!  Once that little snafu was taken care of....ahhh, the warmth was exquisite... we could enjoy the view of the crashing waves and the intrepid kite surfers!  I couldn't believe how many were out there catching air over the waves...full body suits of course :-)  It was very cool to watch.

John ordered the Spinning "Crispy" Chef Salad (Julianne ham, turkey, provolione, kalamata olives, hearts of palm & Maytag bleu cheese tossed with honey mustard dressing or your choice of dressing. Served in crispy homemade tortilla shell.) and I had a Chicken Teriyaki sandwich with fresh grilled pineapple (the Teriyaki sauce was excellent with just the perfect viscosity not to make the bread soggy) and a side of delectable freshly made potato chips sprinkled with Parmesan cheese....yummy.  We were both quite hungry and gobbled down our food.  It was delish!

I know it is challenging for folks who come to the island on cold dreary days when the wind is like a sandblasting machine on the beach...but this is a lovely way (when the propane heaters are on) to enjoy the beautiful view and a nice meal beach side!

3 1/2 – Pretty Darn Yummy - I feel my flip flops wanting to head back from time to time

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