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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Do You Get a Foodie For Christmas?

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 What do you get a Foodie for Christmas?  I put together a little list of a few items I think most foodies would enjoy...and just anyone who enjoys good food!

Gift Certificates - Locally, I would think Zeste Cafe and Gourmet Market and Cactus Flower would be awesome  because they have tools and ingredients you frequently have trouble finding down here!  An unusual kitchen tool or ingredient is highly desirable!

A gift of a meal at one of the island's excellent restaurants - now THAT would be a splendid gift certificate to receive!  Cafe KranzlerPadreRitaVille, Wild Fork Italian Bistro, Sea Ranch to name a few.  YOU know what your friends like.

Harlequin Gourmet Chocolates - Create a gift box of a variety of their superior truffles - possibly even one of their hand crafted chocolate boxes for someone really special!

Make a Cake Pop Basket - Buy the Cake Pops book by Bakerella at Paragraphs on Padre Blvd, add a cake mix, can of frosting, pop sticks, a block of Styrofoam, some melting chocolates, clear treat bags, and a variety of fun sprinkles.  Anyone who likes to bake clever things would love this!  Most of the items for making cake pops may be found at the Port Isabel Wal-mart in the back of the store where the Wilton products are sold.

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Handmade food gifts - no one appreciates a handmade food item like a Foodie!  Do you make your own jam or your own salsa?  Put it in a pretty jar, tie a ribbon on it, make a nice excellent gift.  Baked goods from local Farmer's Markets are a plus as well. You can also make a jar of cookie mix by layering dry ingredients in a clear Ball jar - print out the recipe, label and ribbon or raffia around the lid...again, a great treat.  I know I used to BUY them in Austin at specialty gourmet stores for $10 and up.  You CAN do it yourself!  A nice homemade bread with a ribbon around the loaf - just a wonderful gift.  A tray of a variety of homemade cookies - I used to make them for all of my neighbors.  Preserved Valley Lemons for Middle Eastern food lovers, chocolate dipped pretzels for those that like a salty/sweet treat, homemade pickles, the possibilities are endless.  There's nothing like a gift you make with love! 
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A subscription to Food Network's magazine, Southern Living, Bon Appetit...or any other food related magazine.  OR, the newest cookbook - all the popular chefs seem to have a new book out.  Joni at Paragraphs can order anything you need - but start now!  I know I love receiving a cookbook with great photos :-)  Some excellent choices might be The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook or The Betty Crocker Cookbook (ringbound), or one of the many beautifully photographed Southern Living Recipes books.  The Joy of Cooking is a classic every foodie would enjoy having (if they don't already have it!)

Go to Zeste's or Cactus Flower or Tastefully Simple website (or even Wal-mart in a pinch) and select some gourmet or specialty items (food items and preparation items) to make up a Foodie Gift Bag or Basket or Bucket....pop in a bottle of wine or some unusual beer...fill in the gaps with seasonal fresh fruit from one of our excellent Farmer's Markets, wrap it in some nice cellophane wrap and make a big gorgeous bow...awesome gift.
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Local consultant for Tastefully Simple, Karen Mackesey, can help you pull together some delicious additions to a food basket - or you can purchase a complete gift basket or gift selection pre-packaged by Tastefully Simple.  I put together my own food gift basket last year for my Mom's Christmas gift and she particularly loved the Tastefully Simple food items.  She still raves about all the goodies!

Pampered Chef items - Nice quality food preparation equipment - unique items you can't hardly find anywhere else locally.  I know there is at least ONE local consultant (I saw her car driving by) - you can find a consultant at this link.

This is the time of year to share good food thoughts and good food items.  Prepare now for a Foodie Christmas!
Bon Appetit Y'all !!!


  1. Something on MY wish list - which I didn't think to mention - is the book "Growing Tasty Tropical Plants" by Byron Martin. It gives advice on growing many edible items like lemons, limes, cinnamon, vanilla, and other delectable ingredients. Sure hope Santa is reading this blog :-)

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