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Friday, November 5, 2010

Cafe Kranzler

Lunch today was just mahhvelous dahling!  My fun lady friends and I tried Cafe' Kranzler and I think we are all as happy as can be that we did.  I will return, and soon!  This was one of those lunches where we were not in a hurry to be hurried, and we were grateful that it was not crowded and we could linger.  The other two had coffee - in a nice large mug - and they said it was least I heard KM say it was wonderful...and she is the Queen of Coffee so I don't doubt that it was wonderful indeed! 

I really want to go back for breakfast - so I can have coffee too.  I prefer a cold drink with lunch and that is what I was having today.  They DO serve breakfast all day though, so I can go there on one of those days where I've let it get beyond 10:00 without eating (that magical time when so many places stop serving breakfast).  The breakfast offerings looked incredibly yummy.

I'm starting a new paragraph for my drink - it was just delicious.  I'm not a huge Green Tea drinker - but this was awesome!  Lightly sweet, delicately green - and served in a lovely vessel with glass dots that you don't notice until your drink sinks below the first line of dots.  Soooo pretty (I love pretty glassware).  Our wait staff kept the coffee filled and my tea refilled repeatedly and she managed it without appearing to hover...but, she showed up on a regular basis.  A hallmark of really good service in my opinion. (I'm sure you are gathering that we had a very nice experience today!)

KM as usual, just had coffee, but IB and I each ordered lovely lunch dishes - both of us raved over them.  I'm a crappy blog photographer because, once again, I've dug into the meal when the light bulb goes off in my brain..."uh, I was going to take a picture"... oh well - you get to see food that shows the "inside" of the dish...yeah, yeah, that's the ticket!  I meant to do that :-)

Croque Monsieur
I had a wonderful Croque Monsieur...delicately sweet Ham and pungent Swiss cheese ensconced between two delicious pieces of flavorful sourdough bread, dipped in egg and fried in butter...and if that wasn't enough, gently covered in an excellent smooth Bechamel sauce and dusted with Paprika.  Sides of perfectly fried sliced potatoes (which, yes dear husband, I slathered in catsup) and a ramekin of fresh strawberries.  I couldn't finish every bite of the sandwich - it was big - but I darn well ate every bite of the seasoned potatoes and the perfect finale of fresh sweet strawberries.  <big sigh> It was primo.

Fresh Brat Sandwich
My friend, IB, had the Fresh Brat Sandwich (that probably isn't the exactly correct menu name - but that's a good description).  The open-faced toasted sourdough bread was topped with a lovely fresh bratwurst, sauerkraut, and melted Swiss cheese and a side of spicy mustard.  All sandwiches have a side of the deliciously seasoned potatoes, and today, the fresh strawberries.  IB couldn't eat even half of her sandwich but took leftovers home to be enjoyed later (or, as I suspect, shared with her hubby).  She said it was delicious.  I'm thinking I want to have that next time I'm there...or maybe the frittatas, or maybe the rumbles (I think that's what they called their scrambled egg mixtures...they sounded delectable)...or maybe homemade style waffles, pancakes, or french toast?  I barely glanced at the salad offerings or other sandwiches - but a few caught my eye as having excellent potential for my future visit.  They sounded mighty tasty but I have no detailed memory to share.  Needless to say - I must go back.

Cafe' Kranzler is located at 2412 Padre Blvd. - it's fairly new to the island - but with food of this quality - I bet they will become an island favorite in short order!  Now, another good note...the lunch and breakfast prices are really reasonable!  My sandwich and iced tea with tax totalled $12.44.  For a meal of this caliber - you cannot beat that!  Dinner, as is to be expected, appears more expensive - but no more so than other quality dining venues.  I didn't take the time to look at the menu in depth though.  We were too busy catching up on the happenings in our lives.  I love having lunch with these two ladies.  I always laugh a lot and walk out on a happy note.

OH, OH...yes....before I forget... if you are at the point of thinking about New Year's Eve...these (below) were handed out with our menu...two seatings for a grand New Year's Eve Dinner.  It looks absolutely divine...and I would expect the quality will be in the "superb" category.  If you are interested - I'd make reservations soon.  It's not a big place and I bet they sell out soon.  Their phone number is 956-772-1840 if you are interested in this "quality dining experience on South Padre Island"!

As I always say...Bon Appetit, y'all !!!


5 – OMG – that was an outstanding meal!  I can’t wait to go back J

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