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Friday, November 19, 2010

Cake Pops - I'm exhausted!

This is going to be brief...because I'm exhausted...and I have about 2 dozen more cake pops to dip.  I forgot how labor intensive this is.  Bakerella makes it look so easy :-)

So, if you read my review of her fabulous book, and look at my will see that I am in the infant stages of cake poppery!  The teen has already snatched one and he had a big smile when he bit into the I guess they taste good anyway!  My granddaughters like Tinkerbell, so I bought some Tink sprinks...purple and green jimmies, purple sugar, and some candy butterflies.  I bet they will be a hit when I arrive in Austin in a few days!  Those cute girlies are never critical of Grandma's goodies...they are happy to dig in.

These cake pops are spice cake and cream cheese frosting with white chocolate coating.
Don't laugh at my cake pops ...I'll keep trying!!!

The teen ate the two unsprinkled pops before I could type this blog post!

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