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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cactus Flower

I have lived here for 2 1/2 years - renovated a condo - bought new furniture - bought coastal theme decor... and somehow missed a jewel of a gift shop right on the main drag of South Padre Island.  I'd seen Cactus Flower - even mentioned to my husband a time or two "we should stop in there"... but I never stopped.  I admired the painted cactus flower mural on the outside of the building but I really couldn't see anything from the road other than I thought it was a furniture store.  Just didn't stop.  Oh, was I wrong....

Yesterday my body became filled with happy shopping endorphins, because after a fabulous lunch, friends KM and IB said they were going to go shopping at the "big sale"...WHAT big sale???  I asked... Cactus Flower...wanna come?  Boy, am I glad I said yes!

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Now you might wonder why I'm writing about a gift and furniture store on a foodie blog...well, let me tell you why.  It was like the hallelujah bells rang when I rounded the corner to find a wall filled with kitchen gadgets.  I LOVE kitchen gadgets.  Kitchen "stuff" of any kind is an instant draw for me.  I was in heaven :-)

What a beautiful store and a lucky break for me.  Friday (Nov. 5, 2010), Saturday, and Sunday only...their annual pre-Christmas 20% off everything except furniture sale is going on.  I found several items...items I just had to have...I mean, come on...20% off guys! (Plus I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket thanks to John's parents!!!)

I love little ramekin dishes to put "stuff" in
Here's a peek at some of my finds...some nifty little shell-shaped pieces (I'm a ramekin/mint dish addict - I use them for all sorts of things), some new coasters (ours are plum worn out from all the coastal humidity "drippins" from our glasses and Diet Coke cans), a pair of silicone tongs I'd been seeking for months - thin enough to fit in my toaster and grab wayward pieces of stuff without potential shockage, AND, the big score, a Christmas gift for my Mom that she is going to just LOVE (obviously can't post a picture - she reads my blog)!!!  I found lots of stuff I didn't get - but would have loved to acquire :-)  Dishes, glassware, funny napkins, unusual cards, stunning glass art, jewelry, wall art, furniture, pull knobs for kitchen cabinets, as well as the cabinets...they have carpet, specialty food, cookbooks, unusual kitchen gadgets, candles, home scents, purses, Christmas decor to suit any home... un-freaking-believable!!! <sigh> I was in shopping heaven.  I was still there when KM and IB left!  I had to look at every little thing. 
The gift at check out!

To add icing to this lucious day of decadence...they popped in a little complementary bag of Aromatique potpourri - in my favorite scent "The Smell of Christmas" - when I checked out.  Lovely staff...lovely things! 

My new coasters - Manatee Cove!

This store was one of the most beautifully decorated-for-the-holidays shops I've ever been in...and I've been shopping all over the United States!  Very upscale - very friendly people (not always the case in upscale shops) and the range of selection - well, just shocked to find it on our little island.  Mostly shocked that I managed to miss it all this time!!!

If you are in the area - it behooves you to stop in before they end their sale on Sunday and take advantage of that 20% off - if you aren't local or in the area this week-end - stop in on your next trip down.  Many items are quite expensive - but there are reasonably priced items as well (whew!)  Wowser - thanks KM and IB for hooking me up!  I doubt my husband will thank you, but I shorely do  <coastal pun intended> :-)))

I LOVE living la vida isla!


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