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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today and the next few days are THE DAYS to stock up on Valentine sprinkles, tissue paper, cookie gift boxes, cookie cutters in Valentine shapes, treat bags, and most anything related to Valentine's Day.  don't forget paper products like plates, napkins, and cups for future parties.  You can check expiration dates for food items - but I've bought heart-shaped pasta (which had a 2 or 3 year expiration date!), refrigerated cookie dough which I froze (I double vacuum sealed for protection) and used a year later - it was absolutely fine, and some other food a deep discount - totally safe with observation of expiration dates.  Bargains!!!

Sprinkles and other sugar decorations have a long shelf life if maintained in a stable environment (not your garage).  I always try to buy my sprinkles and decorations after the holidays when they are on sale.  It is fun to pull out the bargains next season and know you aren't paying full price for these sometimes pricey products!  50-75% off at many stores starting on the 15th.

Get shopping people!  Shop often!

My Finds the Day After:

Got this for $4.50!

All of this for under $15...included a cookie pan, paper plates, gift bags, tissue paper,
ribbon, sprinkles, cake sugar decorations, cookie cutters...SCORE!!!


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