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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Microwaved s'more with homemade marshmallows
After seeing the cute S'more Cups my friend Trina made, and finishing the blog about them...I started having a hankering for s'mores...but I didn't want a dozen of anything...and I didn't want any effort.  I decided to see if one of my homemade marshmallows would handle being melted in the microwave.  I figured worse case scenario...I'd have some cleaning to do (envisioning an explosion) and best case scenario would be that they melted gracefully. :-)

I tried one marshmallow on a paper plate...and it seemed to work!  Very gooey and hot...lots of stringy marshmallowy stuff - no campfire crust of course...but I figured it might just do in a pinch!

So, I set up two halves of a graham cracker with three rectangles of Hershey's milk chocolate candy bar on top of each, and I cut my big square marshmallow in half across the center (so it remained a square, but thinner) and placed one of each (cut side down) on each "serving.

I zapped them for just 10 seconds (I could see them expanding in size - almost exploding - yikes) and it was just perfect!  The graham cracker was still crisp, the chocolate was perfectly melted and the marshmallow was good and gooey.  My original intention was to sandwich them together like a traditional campfire s'more...but I ate them open faced instead.  Then, of course, I had to make another batch for another photo!  I will say this much (now that I've eaten both preparations) ... the open faced s'more is much easier to eat.  The traditional kind smooshed out the sides...and dripped all over me.  Maybe build a thinner treat if you are going to sandwich it...just half the marshmallow and don't put the chocolate in the microwave too.  I'd probably stop at the 8 second mark on microwaving the marshmallow as well.  I did NOT compare using store-bought marshmallows...they may perform differently.  My homemade marshmallows were sure tasty, though!!!

Heck, I can't believe I've been missing out on having s'mores for so long.  Admittedly, the crispiness of a campfire crust on the marshmallow is highly desirable... but this is a darn fine substitute... and I will now know what to do when I have a hankering for a s'more!

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