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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Clean Kitchens - Yay! Dirty Kitchens - Boo! reports the following cleanest restaurants this week in Port Isabel (I assume "of those inspected")...

Domino’s 1702 Hwy 100
Lost Galleon 202 Queen Isabella St - Update Nov. 2012 - closed for Business
Fisherman’s Café 416 W Highway 100

We've had Domino's pizza, of course, and eaten multiple times at Lost Yay!  Lost Galleon has several all-you-can-eat options and a pretty good chicken-fried chicken platter.  Served diner style (all the food is served on one plate sort of thing) - with a piece of toast - it's a good place to stop in when they aren't crowded.  It's a smallish restaurant - so if the parking lot is full - so is the restaurant.  I haven't been in a few months - I'll have to stop in again soon.

The all-you-can-eat deal is plated as well - when you want more of something, you just ask for it.  It's not buffet style where you go get what you want....and it isn't served in big bowls and put on the table.  I'm not sure if they would do that differently if everyone at the table had the same all-you-can-eat order.  We never all order the same thing.  :-p

I've never tried Fisherman's Cafe...I think it has about 4 parking spaces...and when they are open (which doesn't seem to be consistent) they are usually full...probably a good sign that I should stop in!

(UPDATE MAY 2011 - Costa del Mar permanently closed)
They also report that Costa del Mar was shut down for SIX DAYS due to 37 demerits...including insect infestation, no thermometers to check food temps, cross contamination of chicken and fish....OH MY!
They are now re-opened, and had a perfect inspection to get the opportunity to re-open.  I've never been there - it just looked a little too "iffy" to me, from the outside.  I'm thinkin' I'll probably stick to that decision at this point.

And that's the in Port Isabel, Texas!

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