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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quik Stop

Photo Source: Quik Stop Facebook Page
People ask me where I buy my shrimp when I have them over for dinner, or when they are in town and want to take some home.  I have two answers.  I'll write more on the other answer another day...but my number one answer is Quik Stop in Port Isabel.  I used to buy at the B&A shop when I was here on vacation - even used their mail order once.  Then, one day, after I'd moved down here, I went in for shrimp and they were sold out.  The woman said "just go across the street to Quik Stop...we own that too".  So, I did and that was the beginning of a happy relationship (good thing because they closed the B&A shop - I'm guessing they bought the business???).  Anyhooo...I buy my Red Snapper filets there when they have it.  I buy my Gulf Shrimp there - and they always seem to have it.  I've bought flounder filets there...when they have it.  You never know what's going to be in the case until you get there.  They have their own fleet of boats and many "secret sources" for the "occasional" offerings you'll find in the case.  All I know is I've never had anything but the best seafood from Quik Stop.  It smells fresh when I unpack it, like the ocean...the way seafood should taste.  They never mind packaging it in ice for me, to maintain the absolute freshest flavor.  And, the people are friendly :-)  Always a plus!

I also buy my son's fishing shirts there.  He likes the Guy Harvey tee shirts and they have a huge selection of shirts, hats, fishin' wall art...and usually they have something on sale.  My oldest son buys all of his live bait there - and the teen buys his frozen bait there.  It's one stop shopping!  I also bought my fishing license there (not that I use it...but when I go with the teen, I like to cast a few lines myself - gotta keep legal).  I have to question the name, though...Quik StopI think not.  Basically, it's hard to get the boys out of the store once we arrive.  They always want to browse the tackle, look at every kind of bait they have, look at all of their clever plaques on the wall, and look at the tee shirts.  Me, I'm there for some of the best local seafood every time!

When my oldest and his girlfriend were here this summer, I fixed a big Red Snapper dinner...and a big old "toss it on the table" shrimp boil another night.  They swear they liked those meals the best of all on their vacation (kiss, kiss... flattery will get you everywhere!).  I figure I fed the 5 of us a superb Red Snapper with Orzo entree, veggies, bread, and dessert for under $65 with wine!  I know the five of us couldn't have gone ANYWHERE for that price! 

It's a great solution if you are having guests and don't want to break the bank...or, if you just want to have some great, fresh tasting seafood at home.

I also enjoy their humorous signage which changes from time to time...I now see they have some great fishing "sayings" on their Facebook page.  Overall - a great family-operated place, at 501 Highway 100 in Port Isabel.  Ask for your bumper sticker next time you are there.  I need to send one to my son in Austin - I know he'd love it!

4 – Lip smackin’ - good quality – flip flops will definitely be walking in their door again!

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