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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pier 19 Redux

Just back from Pier 19 for dinner.  The local dolphin tribe were gliding between Pier 19 and the causeway when I parked - a cresting dorsal fin caught my eye.  I immediately felt light hearted - I swear the dolphin vibe or dolphin energy (whatever you want to call it) ALWAYS makes me feel "happy"!  So, when I got to the top of the entry ramp I stopped and let the salty breeze blow my hair around and I scanned for the dolphins - and there they were...right next to the restaurant - several arching up out of the water - in slow moving grace.  They are beautiful beasts! <peaceful sigh>

OK - back to food.  I told myself as I drove over the bridge "you should have waited to post that until you got back, ding dong!"....but too late, it was done.  So, now, I find myself having to make corrections. 
1.  The menu is completely different.  Well, not completely, but certainly revised.  What they have on their web page is not 100% accurate - some things gone and some new things.  Didn't seem to have the lunch and dinner differences - but they did have an extensive breakfast menu included now.  The table top had the daily lunch specials and early bird specials and drink specials on a plastic cube like you see at Pirates Landing instead.  And,
2.  The wait staff all had matching shirts - no more sharing with Pirates Landing I guess :-)

I ordered, for the sake of QC, the same thing I had last time I was there, and so did the teen-ager.  I had a shrimp basket (size medium with the choice being medium and large).  The boy had a hamburger.  It was exceedingly pleasant to sit and watch the sun sliding down as we waited for our dinner and chatted about school and other mundane topics.  (The boy always brings a book and would really rather not be involved in social chit chat...but his mother just won't shut up and let him read quietly...poor kid)  The wait staff was very attentive with refills and managers stopped by 3 times to make sure everything was alright.  One gentleman I remembered from Pirates Landing, now working at Pier 19 I guess, stopped and chatted for a while.  He wanted to know why I hadn't been in for a while and I, being within hearing of the table of ladies next to me, didn't want to tell him why.  I guess I hesitated long enough that he quietly asked "something was wrong?" and I just answered yes, but that I was giving it another try!

The good news is, the best onion rings ever are still the best onion rings ever!  There were 4 in the basket and it was all I could do to get 2 1/2 eaten.  They are really huge onion rings!  There were 7 large fried shrimp in my basket but no hush puppies.  I asked about that and I my waitress quickly brought 4 big hush puppies (I think there are normally 2, and 2 was all I could eat).  Actually, I could only eat 4 shrimp...they were just huge...but a little too much breading for me.  That always fills me up fast.  Not a major complaint - because it was still a big piece of shrimp inside!  So, for me - it was a good meal.

The teen had his usual hamburger, no cheese, no vegetables, with fries, thank you very much!  He's working on ordering himself - he's deaf and uses cochlear implants to hear and I've ordered for him for so many years, he isn't used to doing it himself.  Understandably though, he really doesn't want "the momma" ordering for him any longer so he orders himself.  People often have difficulty understanding his speech...but today he did really good.  The only thing needing clarification was "catsup and mustard only" kind of got garbled.  The waitress did great by not looking to me but I did speak up and repeat it to the teen in the form of a question.  He looked relieved and said "yes"  :-)  Unfortunately, when the order came out, the veg was on the plate - but at least it was on the side.  I asked him if it was good - he said yes as he gobbled it down.  The fries looked particularly crisp and tasty - they were a seasoned fry which I like.  Apparently he did too because they also disappeared.

So, back home now and feeling stuffed - I am really glad I chose to go back to Pier 19!  I look forward to trying some of the new menu options.  Hope they get the menu corrected on their website soon!

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  1. Yeah, I am glad you gave it another chance!! Sounds like the view was as good as the food! Your words painted a wonderful picture dolphins and I almost relaxed as well! Dana

  2. ive given that place 5 tries and never and i mean NEVER... would i step foot in that place again.. birds everywhere becase everyone feeds the . The staff all high school dropouts no doubt.....Including the Manager ...all in all it sucked


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