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Thursday, September 9, 2010

More on Hermine

Thursday morning, following Tropical Storm Hermine's Monday night slam into the Texas Gulf Coast, two Mexican shrimp boats still sit "beached" at Isla Blanca Park, just north of the jetties.  It was a gorgeous morning, wind blowing the fine sand like snow across the beach.  All was quiet...and the boats just sat there as if waiting for someone to come rescue them.  The Mexican citizens who wanted to be rescued, were rescued according the, but the boats just sit there...waiting.  They, as well as their masters, are claiming "safe harbour".

TS Hermine spewed her wrath in the form of voluminous rain on a tremendous amount of Texas, causing flooding and resulting in at least two deaths that I've heard of.  My friend, Patricia Miller, from Salado, posted some heart wrenching, and heartwarming, photos of the flooding in their small town.  You can see (and purchase) her work at RedBubble

Here are some photos I took this morning at Isla Blanca Park.  Usually I see surfers at this time of day. Today, the few surfers I saw were watching the boats.


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