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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Most Requested Restaurant

I'm in Dirty Al's Overload!!!

Everyone wants to eat at Dirty Al's now when they come to visit.  I've taken my oldest son last week, my husband yesterday, and my sister reports it is on her "must go" list when she arrives today.  All of our visits have been to the Dirty Al's at Pelican Station - a much less crowded, and slightly more upscale Dirty Al's venue.
Can a person overdose on shrimp???

Yesterday, my husband had the fried shrimp platter, the teen had his requisite bacon burger and fries, I had another Lupe's Mexican Shrimp Cocktail (in a feeble attempt at taking care not to gain back the 10 pounds I've lost from Zumba during a week of non-Zumba and lots of food), and the star meal of the day - actually of the entire week - was my son's Snapper Rockefeller.  I gave it a thumbs-up, high five, "way to go", awesome grade.

It is a generous filet of snapper (likely Scarlet Snapper) blackened gently (guessing using their Dirty Al's Cajun Seasoning, also available for sale at their Seafood Market), topped with a deliciously tasty Rockefeller sauce which includes 3 cheeses, some big sauteed shrimp, and spinach.  Sides of lightly garlicky mashed potatoes and some very nice julienned zucchini and carrots, lightly seasoned with some sort of oriental seasoning...maybe just soy sauce?  Couldn't quite place it, but it was perfect.

Anyone who likes a sauced filet of fresh tasting fish would find this offering to be scrumptious.  It is $19.99 on the current menu and well worth it.  We all tasted it and rolled our eyes in appreciation!

Well, let's see what the next visit brings...I know it will be within the next week.   All of our visits have been at the Pelican's Station location - not even attempting the island locale with the holiday crowds!

While we were there, I asked everyone to step over to the Delicious Seafood Market - I hadn't been in a while and wanted to see what they had to offer.  Today they had a gorgeous selection of whole snapper and many sizes of shrimp.  They had some lobster tail and some other white fish (possibly the Vietnamese fish I had issue with last time I went there).  My primary complaint was no labels and no prices in the seafood counter.  Didn't see any meat products this time - the entire case was seafood.  That's probably a good thing.  It didn't smell fishy and all looked nice and clean.  Big requirement for me!  We didn't buy anything as the boys were heading back to Austin...but I'll likely stop in for some shrimp this week so I can make something yummy for my sister while she's here.  Sure wish they'd put prices on their product.  I hate "just asking".  Unfortunately, it's details like that which will send me down the road to Quik Stop!

It used to be Pirate's Landing that everyone wanted go to...sorry to the Pirates, but Dirty Al's has moved into the #1 most requested restaurant location for my guests.  Arrrr Matey, the "big two" in the area always have a competition going. :-) 

We'll see what the sister requests this week besides Dirty Al's.  I'll keep you posted!

If you are looking for a list of all of my restaurant reviews - look at the top right side bar for a link that says RESTAURANT REVIEWS...they are in alpha order, with multiple reviews in chronological order, most recent first.  If you are visiting the island...enjoy your time and please take your trash when you leave the beach.  Please be especially attentive to all things plastic - bags, bottles, bottle caps, can collars, balloons, fishing line etc.  All those things that sea life think are food, eat, and get sick or die.  Keep our beach beautiful and the sea life happy!

Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!

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