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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

flipflop Moscato wine - A Review

My new best friends at flipflop Winery have been so kind as to send me some Moscato to savor.  I have let them know that Moscato is my favorite imagine my happy feet dancing when the doorbell rings and I see a "special delivery" right to my door.

I'm not a wine aficionado...not a reviewer of note...and I bake and cook with wine more than I sip it.  But, hey, when you crack open a bottle to cook with, you must have a glass to sip, right?

I'm a sweet and fruity white wine girl...and flipflop Moscato is a gloriously delightful sipping wine.  It is not overly sweet (to me), like some dessert style wines.  It is smooth and glides down your throat with a sultriness that calls for another sip....and another...and another...and all of the sudden you think "hey, my glass is empty, how did that happen?"

I love all of the flipflop wine labels - but must say the blue label, the color of the sea and sky on a gloriously sunny day, with sand dollars and little grass huts, compliments my coastal lifestyle to a perfect "t".  I have adopted flipflop wines as my "house brand" - and Moscato reigns as the "queen of the island" in my little corner of the world.

Thanks to flipflop affordable, outstandingly smooth and crisp all-at-the-same-time wine, it just tickles my flip flops silly.  I'm heading to the beach now...for lunch with a friend and some time under an umbrella lounging.  I'm taking a chilled bottle of Moscato, and I know it will make me a very happy girl!

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