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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My friends and I decided on lunch at Cafe Kranzler today.  I had not been in some time so was ready to jump on it...especially after seeing some Facebook photos featuring fresh Maine lobster.  Of course, I wasn't really thinking about having lobster for lunch...until I got there, that is!

However, the two lunch specials that most interested me - the lobster mac and cheese and the chicken pot pie, were both unavailable today.  Their lobster had not arrived yet...and I don't know what the story was with the chicken pot pie.  Bummer. 

We started off with coffee for my friends and I asked about the iced Green Tea since I had so enjoyed it before.  Our server said she would check to see if they had any...and ended up brewing a fresh pot for me.  I was a happy girl.  It wasn't, however, the same drink I'd had the first time I'd been there, but it was refreshing and delicious anyway.  I greatly appreciated the effort!

I ended up ordering the Quiche and Soup of the Day.  An excellent choice!  The 3-cheese, green chili quiche was encased in a flaky puff pastry that was buttery and delicately delicious.  The filling was perfect.  The soup of the day was a highly recommended Cream of Asparagus soup.  Gotta say, have never EVER tasted a Cream of Asparagus quite so delicious.  It was "foamy" it was so light - the bright fresh asparagus taste beaming through - absolutely awesome. 

One of my friends ordered the grilled portabello sandwich on Kranzler's house roll with a green olive pesto.  The portabello seemed thin at first glance (although difficult to tell that from the angle of the photograph) - she thought so too when she took the top of the bun off.  A tad disappointing for her I think.  It did look quite "sparse" but with the cheese (I guess that was cheese - I am uncertain), condiment and bread it looked good from the outside.  The thick sliced fried potatoes looked and smelled wonderful.  I wish I'd asked her for a little bite of the sandwich.  We're good enough friends that I could have asked - I just didn't think about it.  We do eat with our eyes, though, and I would have been disappointed as well after peaking inside.  I always envision grilled portabellos as being big and meaty...this one was thin and flat.  My friends thought maybe it needed two on the sandwich if they were that flat.

Still, the atmosphere is always pleasant at Kranzler's and I thoroughly enjoy the light classical music, the decor, and the general ambiance.  Very relaxing and enjoyable.  My lunch with tip was slightly under $17.00 - and I think it was well worth it.  I have only had lunch at Cafe Kranzler and I need to get there for dinner.  I don't eat a lot of dinners out - and it is on the pricier end for it might be a while before I get there.

I've read some mixed reviews on Urbanspoon...surprising reviews given the local raves.  I'm glad my experiences have all been good!

Bon Appetit, Y'all!

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