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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday Night Supper

My eldest son loves to grill.  We shopped at the Blue Marlin Friday night (the local IGA store on the island) and with the holiday crowds, it was quite interesting.  Finding any vegetables that looked good was trying to say the least!  Can't wait until the Sunday Farmer's Market on the island.

My hubby had arrived to join us and the night's dinner plan was Pork on Pork...bacon wrapped pork tenderloins with nothing more than some fresh ground pepper for seasoning, grilled on a charcoal fire with a little wood smoke for even more flavoring.  We were roasting sweet potatoes, coated with a bit of butter, poked with a fork, and wrapped up in heavy duty foil for a side, threw together a nice salad, and planned on finishing with the luscious  Dulce de Leche Banana Cream Pie that the "big boys" didn't have the opportunity to try when I made it previously.  They  sat at the counter and watched me put it together.  They seemed pleased.

I had a little quiet time while my oldest and my husband walked down to Wanna Wanna for a margarita since the one my eldest got Friday was so awesome...I changed into my swimsuit in preparation of heading down to the chairs and umbrella on the beach.  I needed to enjoy the beautiful weather for just a bit.  Love the sound of waves and the breeze of the ocean...not much can be found that is any better!

Well, the big boys arrived back with their margaritas in hand sooner than expected (you can take them "to go" and walk on the beach)...both were full of reports on the crowd and the apparent up charging of drinks for the holiday crowds.  The $10 margarita from Friday was now $13 and had less tequila than the better one of Friday.  Oh well.  They said people were 4 umbrellas deep on the beach front (yep, that's a holiday week-end) and Wanna Wanna was standing room only, so they strolled back down to our beach access and headed back to the house to acquire a/c and shade.  I decided to wait until the 5:00ish time of day to head over for beach time...people start to return home or to their condos/hotels by that point of the day.  Unfortunately, the beach rental services pull all chairs and umbrellas at 6:00 so we enjoyed the water and our seats for just an hour, and then strolled the beach before returning home for showers and the preparation of another awesome holiday week-end feast.

My son is a grill master.  The charcoal roasted sweet potatoes were perfection with dollops of sweet cream butter on top of their split middles, the bacon wrapped pork tenderloins (we cooked two) were seared and crisped on the outside and presented with a lovely smoke ring and tender juiciness on the inside.  Yummm.  The salad was basic but the cucumber was amazingly sweet and the tomato was perfectly ripe and smelled the way a fresh tomato should smell.  I made some deviled eggs at the last moment to add to the feast.  That plate was empty in short fact every plate was cleaned of every morsel of food.  I offered dessert and everyone groaned but accepted.  The Dulce de Leche Banana Cream Pie was as awesome the second time I made it as it was the first time.  Matter of fact, I'm thinking, a serving of that with a cup of coffee sounds kind of good for breakfast. ;-)

Here's the way I make my deviled eggs - it's super simple and very tasty:


Prepare boiled eggs - look at the how to boil eggs post if you don't know how to do the easy-peel eggs.
Cut the cooled, dry boiled eggs down the center (long-ways) and remove the yellow center to a small bowl.
Using a fork, smash the yellow centers until finely crumbled.
Add enough Miracle Whip Salad Dressing to make it creamy.
Add about 1 teaspoon yellow mustard for every 5 egg yolks.
Add salt, freshly ground pepper, and a small amount of onion powder to taste.
Either pipe the mixture into the egg white "cups" or spoon it in.
Refrigerate until ready to eat.
Simple, basic, and perfect for a back yard barbeque!

Ann, if you are reading this - Nelson is happily baying outside at the people walking to the beach, Mister Mister is curled up with the teen, and the two men are still crashed.  Hope you are having a wonderful time. (nothing like a personal note in a blog post - LOL)

I didn't take photos because dinner came together so quickly I didn't have time and since we didn't eat until 9:00 at night, we were so famished we attacked our meals...if I'd dragged out the camera, I would have been snarled at!  Frankly, I didn't even think of it!!!

Hope all my American readers are having a great Fourth of July Week-end...Happy Independence Day Week-end!

Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!

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