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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Barracuda Grill

Updated 10/25/2011

Just opened July 8, 2011, Barracuda Grill looks to be a wonderful addition to the South Padre Island restaurant scene.  Located in the previous Naturally's location, it's good to see a nice building filled with a quality restaurant again.

The teen and I stopped in on the recommendation of a friend who had eaten there yesterday.  She said she had a char grilled sirloin burger and that it was really good.  I knew that would be something the teen would be able to "get his teeth into" so we headed there after pit stops at SPI ArtSpace and Paragraphs on Padre Blvd.  We were late in arriving, so were at the end of the lunch hour - still several tables were filled and it was comfortably bustling.

We were seated promptly and given menus to peruse.  Our drink orders were taken promptly by our very efficient and friendly waitress.  I tried to surreptitiously snap menu photos to upload to Urbanspoon and still take time to take in all the menu options.  When I go someplace for the first time, I like to try something I've been really happy with someplace there's a good comparison.  I wasn't overly hungry and the Mexican Shrimp Cocktail sounded good - especially as the menu indicated it was served with chips and crackers.  You've heard me complain about the lack of chips at other venues which left me opening dozens of little plastic wrappers.  The waitress said that was an excellent choice and she had just served that to another table.  (After she left, I saw even another order of it go by and was glad I had made that choice).  It was described as baby shrimp, avocados, pico, and their house cocktail sauce.  I admit I was concerned about the description of "baby shrimp" - but decided to go for it anyway.  It was listed at $7.

The teen selected a shrimp basket - surprise, surprise.  It was listed at $9.95 and she said it came with fries so we were good to go.

Our food arrived in good time - fast enough that I wasn't gnawing my knuckles but with enough time that I knew it was being prepared fresh and wasn't just sitting under a heat lamp.

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail - excellent appetizer or lunch, in this case

What a delicious surprise my Mexican Shrimp Cocktail was.  Baby shrimp were more realistically small shrimp with a few medium that were cut into pieces (as is common in this dish).  The house cocktail sauce was delicious and had the perfect mix of avocado and pico in the dish.  The peppers were mild yet left a perfectly zingy sting on my tongue.  Excellent.  The homemade garlicy crackers and freshly made chips were the perfect compliment, and I ate every one, including the 4 packages of saltines.  It was exactly the right amount although I was offered more chips and crackers if needed. 
Fresh made garlic crackers and tostado chips were outstanding!

Two thumbs up.  The presentation was lovely in a very tall glass with a long iced tea spoon to eat it with.  The only problem I had was it was slightly awkward as I am short and the top of the glass was higher than was comfortable for my height.  It didn't stop me, however, from eating every last drop!

This is how I like to eat this dish - every bite on something crispy - yum!

The teen's shrimp basket (I guess it was the shrimp basket - we were charged $13 I noticed when I got home so I'm not sure if she heard wrong or we were charged incorrectly) was delicious he said. 
Deliciously fresh hand-breaded shrimp - there were 6 in the order

Fresh and crisp hand-breaded shrimp along with hand-cut and battered fries.  Crispy and yummy.

Looked like hand-cut fries dipped in batter.  Very crisp and tasty.  Needed salt.

Drink refills were quick to come and we were very, very pleased.

I had the opportunity to chat with the chef who is a Port Isabel native returning after a 10 year stint in Austin running a Brazilian restaurant in the Hyde Park area near U.T.  She is working with her nephew, previously of Papa's in Port Isabel (on Garcia) to provide the island with high quality fresh dishes at a reasonable price.  She said their steaks are hand cut and everything is as fresh as possible.

I hope another new start-up can make it.  I can't wait to get back there for dinner - I'd love to taste one of their delectable-sounding steaks.  I also want to try some more of their lunch items...sounds like a place that might succeed if all maintains in the quality and service arena!

4 – Lip smackin’ - good quality – flip flops will definitely be parked under their table again!

Here are some of my iffy photos of the menu:

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  1. Great place. Melba still has Sao Paolo's in Austin she is back in Port Isabel to help open up Barracuda's and get it running but will return to Austin once peak season is over. Suggest you try Sao Paolo's in Austin on San Jacinto absolutely divine.


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