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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Preparing for the Grandkids

My brain is in hyper-organization mode this week.  We have the teen's benefit 5k, Run To Hear, this week-end, with all the associated travel and prep work, and directly after that I have various family in town for a total of nine days.  LOTS of planning to do.  I woke up this morning and started making lists (gosh, I love lists).  When to shop, what can I pre-bake, what activities to do, checking the fishing reports, considering sleeping arrangements while travelling as well as the guests in our tiny condo, alotting sufficient travel times, the teen's volunteer schedule, my Zumba schedule's a busy two weeks! 

I'll be making chocolate chip and sugar cookie dough today, scooping it, and freezing it...baking it off for fresh homemade cookies (an expectation at Grandma's house) when the kidlets are here.  I've planned the menus...we don't eat out much with the grandkids for dinner.  They are tired and irritable after hours in the sun - on the beach, in the pool, at Schlitterbahn - dining out is not all that fun with irritable children and tired parents.  I made homemade pizza dough today and froze individual pizza sized balls.  They will thaw and rise and they'll be happy to each stretch their crusts and make their own pizzas one night.  A big crockpot of spaghetti will be a wonderful thing after their first day at the beach - when everyone is drained and not up to much cooking.  We can prep salads and garlic toast before leaving the house...upon return all we have to do is cook the pasta and broil the toast...voila, dinner will be served.  I'll also lay in paper plates...because I am not doing all those dishes!!!  Fajitas another night are an easy meal...with some frozen leftover beans from a previous meal, refries will be a fast side dish.  I'll have to make a Dulce de Leche Banana Cream Pie one morning ...because I know my kids are gonna love that addition to Mom's repertoire!

Two of my adult children will be here - they'll want time to have a little night life (I'll happily crash with the kids!).  Add the upcoming Fourth of July traffic to the mix.  Holy smokes!  It's quite the production.

I'm up for it...but don't be surprised if you don't see new posts here for a while...if I find time, and have anything new to present, I'll sure post it...but I think it will be sparse posting for this blogger for the next two weeks.  Lots of my blogger friends are asking others to be guest bloggers while they go out of town...this is obviously an issue for lots of foodies out there!  I hope my readers don't abandon me...but mostly I hope everyone is having a happy summer...I'll be back before you know it!

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