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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PsychaDeli - 2nd Visit


I had just finished with my lovely mani/pedi at Venus Nails and Spa (thank you Jenny!) and I needed something for a late was after 2:00 and all I'd had all day was a protein bar and a handful of lemon meringue daisies.  I started up the island thinking of PsychaDeli as I drove.  Ever since I was there last time, I've been longing to go back.  Don't know if it's because it feels like a little piece of wacky Austin here on the island (the do have a Keep Austin Weird sticker by the cash register) or if it's just something else in the vibe...but I pulled in as soon as I saw the sign.  Fortunately they were open...because the operating hours are "whenever"... literally....that's what is posted on the door.

This time, all Spring Breakers were cleared out and those few sitting inside seemed to be locals from the banter going on.  Everyone seemed very laid back at this point...worker in the back slugging down a beer, happy faces, lots of colorful people.  I instantly relaxed.  I decided to "eat in".

The Jimi Hendrix wall

I got to take my time looking around while I waited for my order to be prepared.  Today I had the "Ashbury Chicken Sandwich".  Delicious thinly sliced moist chicken breast, cream cheese, avocado, lettuce (I skipped the tomato) on whole wheat bread...delicious whole wheat bread I must say!  I could barely get my mouth around it it was stacked so high with goodies.  Side of chips again, pickle spear, and a bottle of water.

There's SO MUCH to look at.  It will likely take me 3 or 4 more visits to totally take in all the decor.  That's okay, I'm up to the challenge!

L*O*V*E  IT!!!
Peace Peace

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