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Saturday, January 18, 2014

South Padre Island KOA Care Camps Auction

I donated a cookie basket and a couple of boxes of extra cookies to the SPI KOA for their fundraising event for KOA Care Camps.  I love helping people who want to help kids with special health issues enjoy a fun camp experience.  For so many years we searched out special camps for our youngest and it was almost always a wonderful experience for him and a respite for the parents!  It was nice to not have to explain his differences...and I'm sure that's how the kids feel when they go to cancer camp.  What a blessing!

I worked really hard to make a basket of cookies I hoped would be appealing enough that the bids, at auction, would exceed its $75 retail value.  I included a nice basket that can be reused, a dozen coastal décor Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies detail-decorated in royal icing.  I added a dozen Meyer Lemon Ricotta Cookies baked in my favorite Nordic Ware coastal theme teacake pan, and I loosened my tight grip on a pound of Callebaut Sensations Marbled Chocolate drops (acquired at Central Market in Austin) and mixed up a batch of my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie dough, substituting the marbled drops instead of chocolate chips.  I included a dozen of those in the basket as well! (Mr. Flip Flop said they were delicious...thankfully...because Belgium Chocolate is a true luxury in a chocolate chip cookie).  All of my baked goods are made with quality ingredients...real butter, King Arthur flours, Meyer Lemons (when I can get them), vanilla beans, and pure extracts.  A cookie has to taste as good as it looks...or what's the point?

Everyone send up good thoughts into the ether, that some generous cookie-loving soul will peel open their wallet and make a goodly sized bid for this basket of deliciousness.  KOA Care Camps is a worthy cause!

My cookie art, this time, included palm trees, scallop shells, sand dollars, and some very detailed star fish!  I thought they looked pretty, and I know they taste good.  I roll my cookies 3/8" thick to ensure a good thick cookie for stability as well as value, and all of the decorated cookies were between 3 and 4 1/2" in size.

Close-up of the decorated sugar cookies - the star fish was based on
a tutorial from Glorious Treats...I didn't follow it exactly, but the look
is Glory's (her cookie art is always so pretty).

I don't know if they will use the donations of an extra dozen of Callebaut cookies and the box of individually packaged Lemon Ricotta cakelets for the bake sale table, or if they will auction the boxes intact.  Either way - hope to help raise more money to fund a wonderful camp experience for kids with cancer.

I'm used to sharing my cookies with family and friends - I rarely sell my cookie art.  I admit to feeling nervous (the reason I rarely sell my cookies).  My fingers are crossed really hard.  Here's wishin' my cookies luck!

Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!


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