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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Paragraphs Mysteries of the Golden Booby"

What's more fun that curling up with a good "who done it" written by four outstanding, award-winning authors?  Well, if you are in the South Padre Island area, reading the book, finding the clues, and trying to solve the mystery yourself... that's what!  

Last year's treasure hunt of clues was fun, but this year's version of the event has been kicked wayyyy up!  A published book has been added to the arsenal!  Worth the read even if you live in freezing cold Minnesota and are unable to participate in "the hunt" - at least you can dream of warmer climes.  Griff Mangan and Joni Montover, owners of Paragraphs on Padre Blvd on South Padre Island, are always looking for ways to give island visitors, and locals alike, that extra special entertaining literary experience...and this time, they, along with authors Bob Doerr, David Harry, Pat McGrath-Avery, and Joyce Faulkner have come up with an exciting game plan.  It's a race to solve The Mysteries of the Golden Booby (and yes, there is a tee shirt!).  The excitement on Facebook and all around the island and Port Isabel is palpable.  I'm madly reading the book (I'm in the third section - Pat's story - and bet I finish the entire thing by tomorrow).  I'll take a moment to modestly mention my appearance on page 168 as "Debbi, the Cookie Lady".

Anyway, I asked a couple of the individuals involved in this extravaganza of seek-and-find to tell us a little about this book and the fun to be had.

I started with Griff Mangan and asked him to tell me about the idea behind the book and how it came to fruition.  I also checked in with my friend, and author, Pat McGrath-Avery.  Pat replied that Griff had done a good job of covering it...and she was hopeful for the opportunity to eat her fair share of cookies at the end of the game.  I think I could facilitate that happening!

GM:  OK, let me get started.  Last year was the first time we tried having a mystery scavenger hunt.  There was no book.   Well when we had the end game I had the 4 authors attend.  They had so much fun that that they agreed to write their own book and create an adventure for this year.  It was their idea for the title and having each write their own section of the book creating the Legends and history of the Golden Booby. Bob and David dutifully wrote their parts but Pat and Joyce were the movers and shakers behind getting it into publication.

That doesn't surprise me, Griff, those ladies are dynamos!  So, I understand there are local clues to find.  How do we play the game?
Art clipped from book cover by Marne Law
GM:  Here's how to play the Golden Blue-footed Booby Game:

  1. Buy the book at Paragraphs
  2. Read the book to learn about the characters involved with the story
  3. Good idea would be to chart out the different characters as to their relationship with the Booby, the crime and themselves
  4. Check out the Golden Blue-footed Booby picture, by Marne Law at Paragraphs for more possible clues
  5. Begin searching for clues around the Island and Port Isabel (Hint: first clue is at Paragraphs) record the location of the clue by taking a picture or picking up a business card, napkin etc to show you were there
  6. Check the Facebook page (Paragraphs: Mysteries of the Golden Booby) for extras and hints
  7. Repeat visits to the clue sites as more information may be left
  8. Join us for Mystery Week, January 19 – 24, at Paragraphs when each of the authors will have a book signing. This is just for fun but you can certainly grill them on their part of the book
  9. The final event is at 2PM Saturday January 25 when all the authors and many of the characters will be at Paragraphs to piece together the mystery.

Oh my gosh, Griff, that sounds like so much fun!  Would you tell us a bit about the treasure map on the cover of the book, if you can?  If we follow the map, do we have a good chance of finding all the clues?  How can those not familiar with South Padre Island and Port Isabel search for clues?  Where can we find a copy of the "treasure map"?  Inquiring minds want to know!

GM:  The picture Marne Law painted that is on the book cover holds some clues. Now if I told you what they were it would give away some secrets.  However for those players not familiar with the Island or Port Isabel, it is a map and does show the approximate location of many of the businesses in the story.  The original is at Paragraphs and is easier to read!  There are no separate maps other than what is on the cover and in Paragraphs. Hint: camera phone.

I saw in the Port Isabel Press that “the big reveal” is scheduled, with all four authors, at Paragraphs on Padre Blvd, January 25th, at 2:00 p.m.  Can you tell us about this event and what we can expect?

GM:  Most of “the big reveal” will be an active and interactive event with the authors and selecting winners of the participants. They need not find every clue to still be eligible to win a prize.  There will be multiple ways to win a prize so everyone has a chance.

Well, I gotta say - I am so excited.  The book is wonderful and the idea is just downright fun!  I've seen some of the clues around town...guess I better start collecting evidence!  You know, also, that The Cookie Lady will likely show up with some goodies for the Grand Finale.  Hope to see all of my local readers there.  It's going to be great!

Thank you Griff for the complete info on how to join in.  Let's roll y'all !!!

Sitting on the dock of the bay, reading on a sunny
Saturday afternoon!



  1. Wow Cookie Lady, great job. I love the way you spell out the "how to" for the "who dunnit."

    1. Thanks Sally! Griff (GM) takes all the credit for the "how to"... I just asked the questions :-) BTW...thanks for the clue about the clue at Yummie's. It was my first piece of "evidence"!


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