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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Birthday Cookies for Audrey

A 3-D cookie on top. 
The #8 cookie was baked and iced separately
then "glued on the round plaque with royal icing.
I was so tied up with Thanksgiving and the things afterwards, that I just realized I didn't blog about my granddaughter, Audrey, and her 8th birthday.  I did it for her sister's birthday, but not hers...and if you are a Grammy, you know that is not going to be okay!  So, better a few days late than not at all.

She had a grand birthday party at Jumpolene in South Austin - tons of family and a few friends.  She definitely had fun.  As usual, I made cookies.  I asked for her current favorite color...which was surprise there.  It's also been made clear that the grandkids prefer Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies instead of anything with spice in it.  So, she had a box of purple iced sugar cookies from Grandma.  Here are a few photos of the end result.  Now, her Dad can show her that she got a post showing off her birthday cookies...just like sister did!

Royal icing transfer roses surrounding a
stenciled "A" for Audrey, and a stencil
for the base layer of this large cookie
shaped and decorated like a very fancy
birthday cake.

Unfortunately, I left my good camera at the hotel.  I had only a cell phone which does not capture movement well AT ALL.  Since the primary activity was jumping on trampolines...I have about 40 photos of blurry little and big people playing and jumping.  Oh well.  At least I have one fairly decent one of her blowing out her candles.

Happy Birthday Audrey!  You are sooooo loved!!!!

A big 6 1/2 inch plaque cookie with double layered stencil
and royal icing roses made for a pretty display.
I'm so happy to have a new Happy Birthday
stencil from  The background
of the cookie was made with a full-page stencil.
I mostly have 5x5 stencils which don't work
for big cookies like this.  I may have to invest
in more stencils!
Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!


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