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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pita Steak Sandwich

Once again it was "use it or lose it" day in my fridge.  I had thawed a piece of sirloin steak I bought...and found under the large sticker, it was not the prettiest steak on the block.  It was supposed to be "Choice", and maybe it came from a choice cow...but the steak looked like select to me.  Still, needed to use it.  The teen had asked for "those steak sandwiches in the pocket bread" that we'd made before...and I had some delicious whole grain pita that needed to be eaten, like "now" or I'd be tossing them in the trash within the next day or so.  Add an over-ripe avocado and half of an onion in the fridge, we had the basic makings for a pita steak sandwich for Saturday night dinner.

I got the grill pan out and rubbed some olive oil on the pan and seasoned the steak with cracked black pepper, some red pepper flakes crushed in my hands, some garlic powder and onion powder... and set it to cooking over medium high heat.  I poured some oil on the side and added the sliced onion and everything started smelling really good in the kitchen.  The teen actually wandered out of the man cave to ask "what do I smell?" and saw all of the makings for his requested sandwich.  Big smile.  Happy heart.

I worried the avocado had gone too far...but it was okay - had to cut off a couple of icky spots, but overall it tasted good, despite the over-ripe status.  Add some feta cheese and a little blue cheese dressing - we were good on the toppings.  I'd intended to make a little Tzatziki, but my 1/2 cuke had missed the boat and had to go to the trashcan.  I get so mad at myself when I buy more than I need because they are on sale or look beautiful. (99 cent English cucumber - nearly unheard of down I bought two...duh)  I eat them for a few days, and I'm the only one at home eating them...and then, I've had enough.  No way to freeze cukes that I know of.  I just hate the waste.  I need better self control at the market!

The meat was a little tough - and definitely an "end cut" that would have been better chunked up and added to a stew or slow braise to get it nice and tender.  I sliced it as thin as I could - the grain kept changing direction... a really freaky piece of beef.  Still, flavor was good and we enjoyed our sandwiches.  We both ate two pita halves stuffed full.

The teen dissed my toppings - he ate meat, feta cheese, and A-1 sauce on his sandwich. Uh, OK...whatever floats your boat kiddo. Mine, however, was so stuffed I could barely get my mouth around it. 

We had apple slices for dessert.  Sometimes it's the simple things we really enjoy.  Having a piece of fresh fruit instead of a sweet to end the meal.  Today was definitely one of those days.  Whatever we are eating, I enjoy eating dinner with the teen.  He spends less and less time in the "family area" and more and more time in his room (I know, it's what teens do).  I miss the days of his plopping on the couch with me and asking to have a book read or play a game.  Dinner time is one of the few colloquial times we have...even if we watch a DVR'd show together - we are together, we pause and converse, and it is pleasant 99% of the time.  It's like an unwritten rule - leave your baggage away from meal time.  It's a time to be together.  Dinner these days is different from the days of 3 or 4 kids around the table and someone having attitude, the last serving being fought over, silverware clanking, trying to have a conversation without a snarky remark from SOMEONE.  It's more relaxed now.  Change can be good.  I miss cooking for, and being with, "the herd"...but I do enjoy the evolution of quiet, friendly time with the teen.

Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!

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