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Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Anniversary Week-end

Mr. Flip Flop and I have been married for 19 years now...together for almost 22 years...but Sunday was the official anniversary.  He was lucky enough (or maybe skilled enough - cause he's a darn good nurse) to finish up his ACLS renewal exam in a brief amount of time and they gave him the rest of the day off...and he headed home for a 4 night week-end.  We had a really nice time staying cozied up on Friday - a brief outing for some Mexican food to clear my hubby's sinuses.  We tried to go to Manuel's in Port Isabel- we do love the chips and salsa there, as well as their delicious food - but it was so packed there was no place near to park and I knew that meant standing and waiting for a table.  It was rainy and cold so we just rolled on by.  We opted for Mexiquito instead - which was excellent for me.  I had most delicious and really steamy hot beef enchiladas with beans and rice.  He had chicken fajitas...I don't think he thought they were fabulous - but he said they were good.  They have these monster sized tortillas and he really liked them.  The salsa was appropriately sinus-opening so mission accomplished there!

Stopped by the library in Laguna Vista and picked up a book for me and a couple of movies...then went home to doze and read the afternoon away.  When the teen got home he was happy the week was over.  It had been quite the long week for him.  He retired to the man cave until we rustled him out to make some homemade pizza for dinner.  We had another wonderful pizza nearly identical to the one blogged about previously.  I'll just link it here - no photos necessary.

Most of this week-end, I didn't carry my camera around snapping photos - it was very low key.  I'm blogging about the entire week-end, because we had some nice re-visits of previous restaurants, and updates are nice to have from time to time.  I'll add these to the Restaurant Reviews page so there is current info.

Saturday morning we had to be on the island at 10:00 to drop the teen off at Island Wheelies rentals and The Salty Seagull.  This venue will be opening for business on March 3rd, 2012 at noon and they have employed the teen to help them during Spring Break.  The Island Wheelies part refers to some very cool Trikkes they will be renting to Spring Breakers.  A fun alternative for those who don't want to spend the bucks for wave runners or para-sailing, but want a bit of fun.  They say "the more you wiggle the faster you'll go".  Sounds like fun to me! Here's a link to their Facebook page as well as their website.  It is still partially under is a very new business!  The Salty Seagull, as I understand it, will be a Mexican Snack Bar.  I'm not clear on the offerings there - but if you like Mexican Snack food, it might be a place to stop in if you are in the area for Spring Break...and hopefully, if successful, during the summer.

While the teen was meeting with his co-workers (half of which are hearing impaired like he is - LOVE IT!), Dad and Mom moseyed on over to the Grapevine Cafe on that cold and rainy morning.  I had a big glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (OMG so delicious), a big bowl of warm oatmeal, a side of bacon and a side of toast.  Papi had migas.  We were both ultimately happy!  A huge improvement in service compared to the last visit.  They were crowded and busy...but everything was running very efficiently and smoothly.

After that we went to SPI Market Days and shopped, and visited with a few folks we knew.  It was PACKED with Winter Texans!  Nothing much better to do on a wet and cold Saturday morning so I know it was good for their business.  I like the Market Days...lots of stuff to look at and good deals to be had.  I found some stainless large tweezers just like the ones I pay $10 bucks for online.  I use them for placing dragees on my cookies...and other detail work.  I grabbed all they had - 3 for $5!!!!  I brought them home and compared them...I think these must have been slight "seconds"...because they sure were not very different...and perfectly fine for what I needed them for!  Score!  We also both got some sun glasses and looked longingly at some of the beautiful artwork by Guy Morrow, who has given classes at SPI ArtSpace.

We picked the young man up at 12:00 as instructed.  We ducked into BadaBing Bagels and grabbed 3 bagels for our Sunday morning breakfast.  The teen was ready to return to the man cave after a fast stop at Wally World for some broccoli and potatoes.  He grabbed lunch at McD's while we gastronomical highlights from that experience I expect. 

I had, before leaving Saturday morning, popped a Rump Roast, on top of some sliced onions and carrots, into the slow cooker...sprinkled a little thyme and garlic and pepper - very simple.  When we returned home, the house was smelling really good.  Later that evening, the broccoli was steamed, the potatoes boiled and mashed...some crescent rolls were baked - and supper was delicious and "comforting".  My hubby's first words were "look at all of this good comfort food"...and then there was silence as everyone dug in.  No pictures there!

Sunday morning brought a return to lovely weather.  I fixed bagel sandwiches for the hubby and me...the teen turns up his nose at bagels.  (I'm shaking my head - who could not love those BadaBing bagels?)  I made him some bacon and egg breakfast tacos and he was happy as a clam.  My husband said "I'll take that other bagel if he's not going to eat it" I asked if he wanted another bagel sandwich or just toasted with cream cheese?  "Cream cheese?  You have cream cheese?"  I replied affirmatively (does he not know who he is married to?) and he said he'd like that.  When I served him the halved and toasted bagel with a ramekin of cream cheese his response was "are you sure you don't want to open a restaurant?".  Ahhh, nice to be so appreciated.  Response, however, was "hell no, that's hard labor!"

Sunday afternoon we left the teen to his laundry and anime youtube addiction, and we drove around for a couple of hours looking at all the back roads of Port Isabel.  A small town with a surprisingly circuitous road plan - finger inlets and waterways, once the shrimping capital of Texas, now filled with old and rusty shrimp boats at every corner.  We used the GPS to meander up and down just about every single road in town.  We crossed the "swing bridge", just because we never had done so, stopped in the Port Isabel DQ for a French Vanilla Moolatte (fattening but delicious - it was our lunch).  Drove by the old cemetery, watched the birds on the bay, watched boats and fishermen.  A lovely and interesting day.

FINALLY, it's time for the Anniversary Dinner.  I opted for Sea Ranch was Cafe Kranzler all the way to the crest of the bridge...then the evening was so lovely, I wanted the view available at Sea Ranch.  I also decided I wanted a steak!  We concurred before we hit the island (it's a long causeway) that we were both interested in surf and turf of some sort.  We felt certain Sea Ranch would be able to accommodate that desire.  When we arrived we were told it would be a 30 to 45 minute wait.  It seems like many people were looking for the good food and excellent views offered at Sea Ranch!  Fortunately for us, we didn't mind a wait.  Our neighbor was the hostess and she said she'd "see what she could do".  I led the way to the bar to wait and fortunately there were two tables available.  I grabbed the one by the window and we both ordered Mexican Martinis. 

We were perusing the appetizer menu when our beeper went off to say our table was ready...15 fast minutes after arrival!  Guess it was a plus that our neighbor was working that night!  John paid the bar tab while I went to the front hostess station where I was told we had a nice table by the window overlooking the water and to please enjoy our anniversary dinner.  Yee-HAW!!!  John and the waitress from the bar followed shortly with the Mexican Martinis in hand.  We had a most lovely evening!  Sorry for the cell phone photos - it was all I had and it was a fairly dark room.

We started our meal with the most delicious Artichoke, Parmesan Cheese Dip packed full of whole shrimp...served with crusty toasted slices of baguette.  I don't know if it was the lack of lunch, the euphoria of the Mexican Martini, or what...but that was some damn good dip!

The room was dark and all I had was a cell phone camera to
to photograph this awesome dip!
Our dinner was fabulous.  John had a Filet Mignon, grilled shrimp, and grilled scallops.  I had a 14 ounce boneless rib eye steak and it was like buttah in my mouth.  After salads and with a big baked potato on the side...I could only eat half of the steak.  Needless to say, the teen was most happy to receive the doggy bag and had it inhaled within moments of it landing on the kitchen counter! 
Served on a sizzling platter - my steak was delicious,
but way too much to eat in one sitting

What a wonderful week-end.  Probably more information about my goings-on than you ever wanted to know...but, hey, I've not blogged for a week...I had lots to say!  I had happy little flip flops dancing around all week-end.  Unspoiled by rain and cold, redeemed by sunshine and warmth - it was a week-end to remember!

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  1. Congratulations! That's such a long time :)
    And it sounds like you had an amazing weekend, I''m glad for you!


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