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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cafe Kranzler - A Most Excellent Brunch!

1:30 on a Sunday afternoon, seeking a place with no televisions blaring, tranquility, and good food.  Preferably someplace perhaps serving a late breakfast.  It's cold and rainy...need something warm and inviting.

The answer?  Cafe Kranzler.

As previously blogged - every visit to Cafe Kranzler has been a winner.  Excellent food, excellent service, beautiful atmosphere.  Just can't be beat.

My hubby had never been there.  His remarks included "this is nice!" and "mmfff hnnh" when asked (mouth full) if his omelette was good.  That was a positive remark...I speak the lingo ;-)

I had a frittata and John had an omelette.  His was called the Bellingham Omelette and had salmon, tomatoes, cheese and other stuff he didn't say. 

My frittata - name has escaped my brain - had bacon, cheese, roasted tomato, avocado, sour cream...alongside the nicely browned potato slices and perfectly toasted baguette slices.  Perfect serving size...not too much, not too little.

Next time, I'm going for the Champagne Brunch.  It sounded delicious! (served Saturday and Sunday until 2:00 per the menu)

It's not the cheapest place on the island.  But, you get what you pay for...and Cafe Kranzler's meals are worth the price (and they aren't expensive for breakfast or lunch, just not cheap!  Dinner, I understand, is a bit pricier).

Give it a try - but check with them for their hours.  I heard our waitress explaining the hours to someone at the next table...and they weren't the hours posted on the door.  This is common on the island - the ebb and flow of tourists and long-term visitors often results in changing hours of service at local restaurants.  Cafe Kranzler did have a sign up that they were closing for Super Bowl Sunday evening.  Just fyi :-)

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  1. OK. This place is on my list, next time I go visit my old stomping grounds.

  2. What an awesome brunch you had, definitely worth a second visit. I love the idea of incorporating seafood into a breakfast dish. This looks delicious. Thanks for sharing your dining adventure!

  3. Mmm, looks very much worth a visit! Who coud dresist champagne brunch? :)


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