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Saturday, May 14, 2011


I tried a bottle of flipflop Moscato recently and it was like ambrosia of the Gods. I love to sip Moscato but as usual, these days all things in my brain seem to head towards "hmmmm, wonder what else can I do with this?" when I try something new...imagine that!

I remembered a concoction I used to eat years and years ago (like 30 years ago) with angel food cake and a cream pie filling and coconut sprinkled over it all - it was quite heavenly....and then my brain segued to all the beautiful blackberries in the stores…available for a really reasonable price.  I was a hop skip and a jump away from a new recipe with an old favorite recipe mixed up with blackberries so loved by my family and this incredibly smooth and sweet Moscato.  I really think it’s the best Moscato I’ve ever imbibed!

I started this blog post over a two weeks ago and kept tweaking it and imagining the flavors together...then I finally decided I was making it. I bought a package of luscious blackberries and got a new bottle of here goes!

flipflop Moscato adds a touch of mature elegance to a simple trifle

Created by Debbi Hook


1 package fresh blackberries

1 teaspoon orange zest
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 cinnamon stick
3/4 cup flipflop Moscato wine

1 small box of instant French Vanilla pudding - prepared per box directions and chilled

2 cups Whipping Cream
2 tsp pure vanilla bean paste
1/3 cup powdered sugar

1 small Angel Food Cake torn into pieces (store bought is fine - I bought a loaf of angel food cake)

Trifle Dish or Individual Wine Glasses


In small saucepan bring the wine, 3/4 cup sugar, cinnamon stick, and orange zest to a low boil and immediately reduce to simmer - simmer until reduced by half. (about 3/4 cup of liquid - takes about 30 minutes). Remove from heat and pour into a small pitcher (I use a measuring cup with a spout) and place pitcher in bowl surrounded by ice to chill for about 30 minutes. (if you don't like to eat zest, you can strain before chilling). Remove cinnamon stick.
Simple syrup ingredients

The syrup is chilling after reduction

Whip cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla paste just until stiff.

Adding Moscato Syrup and Sweetened Vanilla Whipped Cream to the Pudding

Lighten pudding by mixing 1/2 of whipped cream into prepared chilled pudding.
Reserve 2nd half of whipped cream for later
Stir in 1/4 cup of chilled syrup into pudding - reserve rest of syrup for later.

The pudding lightened up and ready for layering

Cover bottom of trifle dish with 1/3 of pudding mix
Press in 1/2 of torn cake pieces
Sprinkle cake with 1/2 the blackberries and drizzle with 1/2 of the remaining syrup
Cover berries with second third of pudding mix
Press in last 1/2 of torn cake pieces
Sprinkle cake with second half of the berries, reserving a few for later.
Drizzle with the remaining syrup
Cover fruit with final amount of pudding and smooth over top.
Spread rest of whipped cream over top of pudding and decorate with the reserved blackberries mounded in the center of the whipped cream.

If you decide to create individual desserts in a wine glass - apportion accordingly. That's what I decided to do.

A Moscato syrup added to the custard and drizzled over the cake - yummilicious!

What a simple yet elegant dessert with the hint of wine in the background.  I would happily serve this at a dinner party or take it to a barbecue in a simple trifle dish.  The vanilla bean paste imparts a nice look to both the lightened pudding and the whipped cream topping.  The syrup is absolutely decadent tasting…just the hint of cinnamon and orange are a perfect complement to the sweet Moscato reduction.  I didn’t think anything could top the flipflop Riesling syrup I made…but this almost blows it away. 

I could picture making a cordial out of this syrup with some unflavored gelatin and some whipped cream on top…wouldn’t that be a kicked up adult kind of Jello?!?  I might have to try that!

I am really enjoying using the flipflop wines in recipes...I can't ask for a better addition to my flippity floppin’ world!  AND at such a reasonable price…if you can find it, you should lay in a supply.  You are going to want this on your summer table!

Bon Appetit, Y'all!




  1. mmmm! Anything with angel food cake and pudding has my vote! Thanks for linking up today!

  2. This sounds so rich and wonderful. Yum!

    I hope you'll stop by Sweet Tooth Friday and link up!

  3. This trifle looks absolute decadent! Guess I'll have to get myself a bottle of fliplfop real tomorrow! ;) Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Seriously....this is so cool - glad clicked here from sweet tooth friday. I could hug you - I love me some Moscato but this! AWESOME.....I will be using this at one of my "adult tea parties" how pretty! - I am a new follower too

  5. Yum... I love desserts that have wonderful ingredients.

  6. That looks wonderfully elegant. Thanks for linking it up to Sweets for a Saturday.

  7. that looks yummy. I love moscato too. gotta try this recipe.

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