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Sunday, May 1, 2011


You know that flipflop Riesling Syrup I made the other day?  The one that you chill and pour over the Riesling Citrus Cake?  Well, OMG!  I stuck my (impeccably clean) finger in it to see what it tasted like before pouring it all over the cake...AWESOME flavor!

Bells went off in my head... I needed to create a cocktail including this deliciosity :-)  So, I stole a tablespoon from the recipe, added about the same amount of lemon syrup I had left over from another recipe, added a couple of ice cubes, filled 2/3 of the wine glass with flipflop Riesling, and topped of the glass with Club Soda and stirred briskly.  Sip, sip...glug, glug~!

Holy Smokes Batman!!!  That's a good drink :-)  Sweetly girly I suppose...but I bet that becomes my new summer's night drink. 

I then decided I was going to make another batch of the Riesling syrup and keep it on hand - but this time I tweaked the recipe...and oh man, it only got better!  I let this batch cook down more so it was more syrupy...and the flavors were more concentrated.  The flipflop Riesling can stand up to a good reduction...because it is a good wine.  You never want to do reductions with a half-assed wine, because you get a crunky tasting reduction.  Frankly I could eat this syrup with a spoon it is that good.

I can also imagine fresh grilled peach halves...over ice cream...drizzled with this syrup....yummmmm.  Can't wait for peaches to be in season.

Here's the revised syrup recipe should add this to your recipe collection.  It would be a great addition to iced tea, lemonade, or making your own little spritzer on a hot day.  All Moms deserve a little cocktail of their own :-)  This flipflop Riesling is "flippin' wonderful"!!!
The syrup, the wine, the cocktail...and I have my beachbag...ready to go :-)

Flipflop Riesling Citrus Spiced Syrup:

Place all ingredients in a small saucepan, stir, and bring to simmer - cooking for 20 to 25 minutes.
Strain into small bowl or measuring cup - set aside to cool - refrigerate in airtight container after cooled.
Chilling the syrup after straining is
easy in an ice bath

So, cheers!  What will YOU be drinking on a hot summer's eve?  Me, I'll be "sittin' on the dock of the bay" with my Icy Riesling Cocktail!

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