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Monday, December 22, 2014

I'm The Happiest Girl... in the Whole USA!

The word "FREE" is near and dear to my heart!

I used to sing that Donna Fargo song at the top of my lungs... I knew every word.  It is just a downright happy song!  It's what I've been humming ever since I got home to find a box waiting at my door... a box I've been REALLY waiting for!  Of course it came while we were out of town, right?

Fortunately, no one absconded with it or I might have been waiting in January and crying in February!
The contents of that box are the prizes from my lucky win of the Land O' Lakes sponsored give-away on Bake at 350, and the Kitchen Conversations Blogger Program.  I got an email from Bridget Edwards last week and, funny enough, I misread it and thought it said I had won a cook book.  Well, I was all "woo hoo" and couldn't wait.  I entered so many contests this holiday season I wasn't really sure which one it was that I had won, so the next day I scooted on over to Bridget's Facebook page, and clicked over to her blog to find OMG... REALLY  W*O*O***H*O*O!!!!  I won the freakin' baking lottery!

I won a "year's worth of butter" in the form of twelve coupons from Land O'Lakes (which I'll likely use up in about 3 months) - each coupon is good for a pound of their delicious butter. That alone is worth nearly $ would have been a nice prize all by itself.  But wait, there's more....

I also won FOUR cookbooks.  TWO of which were on my Amazon wish list, LOL!!!  They are ALL signed by the authors.

I regularly stalk Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond's, Facebook page and web site; and her Food Network show is set up to record on my DVR whenever a new show is out.  Imagine my delight when her newest book "A Year of Holidays" was in my box of goodies...and signed by Ree's own little hand.    

Next in the stack of bubble-wrapped books, Bridget Edwards' new book "Decorating Cookies Party" and I love that she signed it "It's not a party without sprinkles".  She is a Texan, and a woman after my own heart.  I will devour her book repeatedly I'm sure!

Those were the two I had on my wish list.  Now, the other two, I'm not as familiar with, but I expect I'll be plenty familiar with them in no time at all!.

"The Picky Palate Cookbook" by Jenny Flake is one I could have used when my youngest was younger!  He was the world's most picky eater and I could rarely sway him from his picky ways.  I can't wait to see what Jenny has to show me!

The final book was taken out of the box, right after finishing a nibble on some donut holes I bought in Austin and finished when I got home.  I rarely get donuts anymore so it made me laugh out loud to pull out a book titled "Mini Donuts" by Jessica Segarra.  Oh yeah, I'm going to have fun with that book!

Whew - that was a lot of excitement for one short evening!  Thanks so much to the folks at Land O' Lakes... it's the butter my Mom used when I was growing up and I love grabbing it whenever I find it on sale.  I have some in my freezer right now!  They have some great recipes on their web site - you should check it out!  I found a link to their special holiday brochure of treats on Facebook.  It's worth "liking" and seeing all the yummy goodies featured there as well.

Thank you EVERYONE involved in this awesome give-away.  Love winning stuff!  ADORE winning really great stuff!!!

Bon Appetit, Y'all and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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