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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Cafe on the Beach for Lunch

Sister Sheryl is on the island and we decided to lunch together somewhere she has never gone before.  I had told her about how much I enjoyed the location and food at the Cafe on the Beach at Palms Resort...and she said she was "in".  We had a nice 15 minute stroll down the beach from her temporary island home to arrive at the beach access in front of the cafe.  She immediately started commenting how cute it was and wondering how had they missed it all of these years.  I told her I didn't really find it until we moved here in 2008, so it wasn't really surprising.

When we arrived, there were plenty of tables the time we left it was completely full!  I admit I was a bit surprised at a full restaurant, at lunch on a week day, off season!  One waiter handled it all...and did an excellent job.

We started with both of us ordering the Tropical Tea - sister loved it.  We spent a lot of time perusing the menu and I finally decided on my "regular" - a delicious Beachfront Salad with grilled chicken.  While certainly delicious, I was greatly disappointed that it was missing the Parmesan crisps and caramelized pecans that really go towards "making" this salad extra special.  I guess for a $19 salad ($13.95 plus $5 for the chicken addition), I expect to get all that is advertised.  But, as I said, still delicious.
As described on the Menu:  Beachfront Salad
"Fresh spring mix lettuce using  organic greens
from local organic farms with tomato, kalamata
olives, pears, hearts of palm, Maytag bleu cheese,
and mandarin oranges with tangerine  balsamic
vinaigrette dressing.  Topped with Parmesan crisps
and caramelized pecans."

Sissie ordered the Spinning "Crispy" Chef Salad as a tryout for her husband, Rob.  He likes the chef salads apparently and she was hoping to lure him back down there because she knew he would enjoy the beachfront location....but only if the food was as equally delicious as the view!
As described on menu:  Spinning "Crispy" Chef Salad
Julienne ham, turkey, provolone,  Kalamata olives,
boiled eggs, organic greens from local organic farms,
hearts of palm, tomatoes, and Maytag bleu cheese tossed
with honey mustard dressing..  Served in a crispy
fresh made flour tortilla shell. 

I will likely get that salad the next time I come - I tasted hers and it was delicious.  I do love honey mustard and have gotten kind of stuck in the awesome rut of their Beachfront Salad...but that chef salad was a new contender in my game!  A good buy for $12.95.

Mostly we enjoyed the cool breeze, the gorgeous flowers bloomed up in the low dunes in front of the restaurant (due to a couple of days of good rain) and the beauty of the Gulf Coast.

It's a small place, very personal, and I've never had a bad meal there.  Fingers crossed it never changes!  I haven't talked to my sister yet, but last night when the teen and I joined her family for a delicious lobster dinner, she was encouraging her husband to walk down with her for breakfast (she'd checked out the breakfast menu while we waited for our food).  I hope, if she went, that her second trip was as enjoyable as the first!

Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!


4 – Lip smackin’ - good quality – flip flops will definitely be parked under their table again!

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