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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OUTSIDE-IN BURGERS...on homemade buns!

Wednesday night's dinner plan was simply hamburgers because I'd been busy doing my "day job" most of the day.  Then I decided I'd make a batch of the homemade hamburger buns like I did last month (oh so freaking delicious and not too time consuming). 

THEN I decided to push the envelope a bit. (not a lot, we're not big envelope pushers around here)
The teen likes me to stuff his ground beef with chopped green onions before I make the burger patty and cook it... and while I was chopping the green onions and slicing some pickles I started thinking about stuffing the patties with some chopped up fried bacon and some cheese too. 

Sort of an outside-in or inside-out burger. 

Seasoned with some KC Masterpiece BBQ rub on one side and some season pepper on the other - yum, yum - easy to cook in a grill pan.

It turned out great!  (well, I did have cheese leakage from one patty...which burned on the bottom of the pan - but all-in-all really darn good)

Tonight was a casual dinner - burgers, deviled eggs, Fritos, and slices of apple...all made just a trifle more special with homemade yeasty burger buns and a different hamburger patty with goodies tucked inside.

Bon Appetit, Y'all!




  1. Great stuffed burger idea, the homemade add the perfect touch. Nice!


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