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Monday, August 1, 2011

Best Summer Read!

Despite all the back-to-school ads, school supply lists, and commercials touting the end of summer...down here on South Padre Island, summer still has quite a while to go!  This glorious morning my hubby and I spent 4 hours lolly-gagging in beach chairs, taking cooling dips into the ocean, more lolly-gagging, snoozing, and me, voraciously reading David Harry's new release, The Padre Predator.  Holy smokes it has got me to the point where I can't get anything done because I need to see what Jimmy and Angella are up to in this exciting, timely thriller.

I met author David Harry, and his sweet wife Mary, at Paragraphs on Padre Blvd. back during Spring Break.  Two nicer folks you'll not find anywhere!  We chatted for a while, exchanged emails, and I walked out with a signed copy of his first in this mystery series, The Padre Puzzle.  I finished it in one or two days...I couldn't put it down!  It's always fun to read something where you are familiar with all of the physical locations and the restaurants and the hospitals and the beach access points and the hotels and condos...and ... well, just everything!  The enjoyment of the "place" drew me in, and the quick wit and great story line of this fast-paced mystery kept me entranced.  I have been COUNTING DAYS until the 2nd in the series was released.  I was thrilled when David sent an email announcing Paragraph's would have it on their shelves last week.  I was there as soon as Joni announced "it's here".

I have not had the time for endless reading like I did over Spring Break, and this book is twice as thick, and twice as complex with twists and turns (in a wonderful way - keeping you wondering - on your toes) so I'm only 3/4 of the way finished.  I worked on it for at least two hours of my beach time this morning.

I decided I HAD to write a blog post so people would know...GET THIS BOOK!!!  You can order it online or, if local, stop in and see Joni and Griff at Paragraphs (they are in the book too!) and pick up your copy today.  No beach trip would be complete without a good beach read....and for me, my #1 summer read is The Padre Predator.

Here's a quote from the back of the book:
 "Jimmy and Angella find themselves on a special assignment from the President.  Find the security breach within the highest level of the government.  Track down the rest of the terrorists involved in the A-bomb plot before they can carry out their plan.  Keep the bomb (or bombs) from exploding.  And keep it all quiet."

Be sure to read The Padre Puzzle first - it is a fast read and you need the background.  It, too, is an awesome beach read. 
Photo Source: both, because you will be glad you didn't have to wait months for the sequel like I did :-)

I gotta go - I have more reading to do - before heading to Sea Ranch for dinner.  So Bon Appetit, Y'all...and happy reading! (oh, yes... in case if you haven't decided if South Padre is where you want your last hurrah for the summer...take a look at this pretty scene - it too can be right before your very eyes!)

South Padre Island waves - beautiful!


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  1. I'm glad you are enjoying the book. That alone keeps me writing. David Harry


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