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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dolphin Love

I adore the dolphin tribe residing in our bay.  I love seeing them feeding and playing.  I just love everything about them!  Except that I can't seem to get a clear photo of their precious faces.  Oh well, that's my problem, not theirs. I get so excited I take my eye away from the camera and just exist in the joy of the moment.

I adore their biggest advocate, Scarlet Colley, her husband George, their many animals, including the dolphin dogs and the dolphin pig (yes, you heard me, the dolphin pig).  I love that they pass down to the upcoming generations the need to love our environment and care for the sea life that depends on a safe and clean environment. I love the Sea Life Center they run in Port Isabel. (there's lots to love you can tell).

I also adore.... dolphin cookies!

Last month I found a cute new dolphin cookie cutter and matching stencil...which I immediately ordered from Piping Mad Prints.  Just too cute!  My friend, Jessica, was photographing some of my cookie decorating endeavors (see previous blog post) and she wondered why I was decorating dolphin cookies for Valentine's Day.  I explained.

Frequently when I'm sick or sad or sound like I need a boost on Facebook, sweet Scarlet, the Dolphin Whisper, sends me a "dolphin love" comment.  It magically makes me feel better.

My friend, Anna Rae, and I took a dolphin watch last October
 on Scarlet's boat with Capt. George

A little clip from a video shows that moment when my heart
goes pitter patter.  It's dolphin love!

So, when I decorated this tiny set of Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies, I thought of Scarlet and her darling husband, George.  They bring joy to so many people .  I just love them for all they do.

Happy Valentine's Day to my friends who do so much for our environment!!! Everyone out on the water, show the dolphins some love by taking care not to run up on them, leave them alone when they are feeding, and be courteous and good stewards of our glorious Laguna Madre.  SWAK!!!

Bon Appetit, Y'all!


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