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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Point Isabel ISD 2014 Autism Awareness Walk

Not a great photo - pearlized color was doing odd things
for the camera!  The ribbon stencil was purchased
from SalsaSweets and the cute puzzle cookie
cutter was scored during my visit to Orson Gygi
in Salt Lake City!
It was lovely to see so many old friends and meet some new friends this morning after the 2014 Autism Awareness Walk in Port Isabel.  I have to admit, I slept through the walk, but I scrambled into clothes and flew out the door to be at the finish line to visit with folks, eat a hot dog, and listen to the prize drawings being called out.

For a cloudy, bordering on drizzly, was a really great turn-out!  My offerings this year were puzzle-shaped Marshmallow Krispie Treats - 2 dozen were boxed up for prizes...and some cookies of course!

I scored several fabulous boxes from BRP Box Shop
in my CookieCon swag bag - used them to package
up the door prize drawing I was contributing.
I have collected puzzle ribbon wherever I could
find it for the past two years (because it is quite
scarce during April each year).  The coastal cookies
were wrapped in some beautiful ribbon from
Ribbon by Design - a vendor and sponsor at CookieCon!
Both BRP and RBD are awesome to work with.

I made a box of coastal cookies, some "Light it Up Blue" ribbon cookies, and a couple of boxes of puzzle cookies, stenciled with a puzzle stencil.  It was a lot of fun playing with my airbrush!
I got a new palm tree cutter that is much larger than the
two I already had - they made some pretty palm trees I think!
I'm fairly certain I got those at Gygi as well!

I loved my puzzle cookies - puzzles on puzzles!
Stencil from the great selection at the Etsy shop
Artfully Designed Creations.
One of my suitcases coming back from CookieCon held all
of my cookie goodies and CC swag...
which included (but was certainly not limited to)
five bags of sanding sugar which I knew I would need
for these cookies I was planning to bake.
My hair is frizzy from the humidity but my heart is joyful from seeing so many people out on a sort-of-dreary day to support the hope that our autistic family members become integrated and accepted into local activities, daily life, and are treated just like everyone else.  That's really all we want - for them to be accepted just the way they are.  They are unique and special people with a LOT to offer our community (and communities everywhere).  You can help make it happen.  Just accept them!
(an iron-on decal I got from describes my son perfectly!)
Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!




  1. I came across your post on Sweetambs site. I had sent a reply to your message. 1st let me say as a mom to two sons not he spectrum... YOUR COOKIES ARE AUSOME! 2nd If you bake as often as you say and need a better mixer for bread I suggest you look into the Bosch. It mixes AND KNEADS up to 15lbs of dough at a time. I also own a KA artisan and a KA pro 600. For bread and lager batches my Bosch blows them all out of the water.

    1. Thanks so much Amy - I've seen the Bosch before in videos, but never in a store! I'm lazy, so I hate kneading...and I like to make double recipes of dough...which the KA Artisan just can't handle (so I set up 2 bowls at a time instead). My ASD son LOVES homemade pizza dough and it has been the Friday night standard for years :-) I love your comment that my cookies are AUSOME...great play on letters/words!!! Thanks so much for the reply. I didn't subscribe to follow-up replies on Amber's comments because it was a giveaway...and sometimes that gets crazy. Thanks again - keep in touch!!!


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