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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Painting Cookies...practice required!

Inspiration - My Tervis Tumbler coffee mug!
When I think back to high school art class, I remember feeling so incredibly incompetent.  I think even further back to a class I took at the Austin PARD in my pre-teen years and I remember the teacher shaking her head because I couldn't get my head around painting a windmill in a field of tulips.  I couldn't see depth, I couldn't see that I didn't have to detail each and every tulip...I had such a literal sense of the visual that I could not put it on canvas.  I began to hate drawing and painting..despite my mother buying me an easel, paints, and a plethora of canvas so I could "practice".  I have ever since always said I am NOT an artist.

However, now that I am past that double-nickel point in time, I am a bit more forgiving of my abilities and find that I enjoy "trying" again.  I can step back and try to see the whole instead of every single little detail.  Decorating cookies has helped me see that I can be artistic without having to be "an artist".  Of course, the obvious benefit of working on cookies, as I've said get to eat the mistakes and they are gone forever!

I have spent the last couple of days of this lazy week-end painting Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies and Apple Butter Sugar Cookies.  I had only done a couple of painted cookies in the past and they took so much time I wasn't sure I would do it again.  However, I had some leftover base coated plaque sugar cookies and decided to spend some time playing with painting.  I watched some Arty McGoo and SweetAmbs youtube tutorials for inspiration today (I had seen both of them before).  I only finished a few...I'm still very slow.  However, I am trying!

I long to take a watercolor painting class...but I'm still afraid...leftover from those previous feelings of incompetence.  I know, however, that I really need to do exactly that!

Here's what I accomplished... and at the end, I'm adding one of the 1st two I did as well.

Inspired by SweetAmbs - I painted the flowery things
and used a FooDoodler to write the words.
Scribble Roses - Inspired by Arty McGoo
My second time to consider painting a cookie.
My son said "paint a rose" and was appalled when
I began a scribble rose :-)
My first time painting (my second cookie - both were herons)
At first I was hypercritical...then I let up on myself.
It's not awful...
Well, thanks for stopping by to see what I've been up to over the past few days.  I'm happy that I had some leftover cookies to practice with.  I think I'll base coat some more cookies and keep them "ready for the moment"... kind of like having a canvas on hand!

Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!

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  1. Beautiful artwork!! And yay for getting to eat the mistakes!! ;)

  2. You are doing great! I love how confident most little kids are with art. They just go for it with paintbrushes in their hands and are proud to show their masterpieces. At some point they start to doubt themselves and worry and it's not fun anymore. I think the key is to get in touch with that fearless, paintbrush wielding child inside and just have fun! Your cookies are beautiful! Keep up the great, FUN work! :D

    1. Thanks so much Liz...I'm working hard at overcoming that fear of incompetence when painting. I appreciate your words of encouragement!


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