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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Cookies

As previously reported, life is rather hectic right now and baking and blogging are still on a back burner.  I did, however, find time to bake off some Halloween cut-outs using LilaLoa's chocolate sugar cookie recipe and popped them into the freezer for later decorating.  It's taken me over a week, off and on, to get this first batch decorated.  The stress of life-at-the-moment is unfortunately evident in shaky hands!  I made myself have fun with these instead of getting all worked up over imperfections.  I delivered a couple of the first batch (pumpkins) to local friends.  The rest of these will be for the hubs and teen...and a box will be delivered to my grand kids in Austin.  I am having my first foray into freezing decorated cookies.  Fingers crossed.

I've never used this much black royal icing before...I am envisioning black teeth on everyone eating them...but that's all in the Halloween spirit, right???

Creepy spiders and huge spider webs
Fall pumpkins

Poor bats - some of their wings don't match right and left...but
I didn't notice until I was finished...oh well!

Bristle-tailed cats - I wasn't sure if they were mean or scared once
I got finished with them!
Ever wonder what the difference in plastic and metal cookie cutters is?
Look at the not-so-crisp edges of the owl (plastic and shallow cutter)
vs the edges of the spider and web below (metal and deep cutter).  It really
does make a difference.
I got this set FREE as a winner in a contest on Facebook.
Sweet Art Factory and Karen's Cookies are my favorite
online product providers for my baking needs!  They
also have great tutorials and YouTube videos to help
me along!!!

I have another batch of dough in the fridge - just regular sugar cookies.  I realized I didn't have good cookie cutters for Halloween - mostly plastic.  I like crisp edges.  So, I am expecting a delivery today of 18 new Halloween cutters...all metal!  I sure hope my next batch pays off with sharp edging (and a less shaky hand!)

Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!


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  1. I love all your cookies shown here and I think your owl look great. Those spider web cookies are huge...what fun :) ~ Paula @VanillaBeanBake

    1. Thanks Paula! Those spider webs are HUGE - bigger than my hand. I only made two for several spiders to perch on!

  2. These are all so creative and beautiful!:)
    Excellent job


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