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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Won, I Won!!!

Back in mid-April I was busily prepping many treats for our local Autism Awareness Walk.  During that preparation time, my breaks were generally including a brief sit-down at the computer to see what was up on Facebook, email, foodbuzz, etc.  I had to steer clear of Pinterest because that will suck your brain in and a 5 minute break becomes 30!

Anyway, a FB friend had posted a link to a Giveaway on the Sweet Art Factory Facebook page....and since I am unfailingly hopeful "the odds will be ever in my favor", I "Liked" their page and participated in the Giveaway by describing something sweet I had made recently.  The Giveaway was the opportunity to win 20 cookie cutters of my choice from their online store.  Now THAT'S a giveaway designed to make me happy!

On April 21st - right after coming home from the Autism Awareness Walk, I logged onto Facebook and found one of my notifications was from Sweet Art Factory.  I WAS ONE OF TWO WINNERS!!!  Woo Hoo...Happy Dance...and all that kind of joyful stuff.

They instructed me to send an email with a list of the cookie cutters I wanted.  Later that evening, I sat down and started perusing their online store.  Wow, the cookie cutter selection was large and I asked myself how I would decide...what criteria would I use for selection?  I also got distracted clicking their other tabs...Baking Supplies, Cookie Decorating, Cake Decorating, Cupcake Decorating, Candy Making, Packaging, Aprons, and so much more.  Eventually I returned to the cookie cutter section.

I decided to 1) beef up my coastal themed cookie cutters, 2) search for any Christmas or other holiday cutters I might have been longing for and not allowed myself to get because I have so many, and last, but not least, 3) I wanted some Spring cookie cutters because I was seeing sooo many cute cookies on blogs and Facebook from my cookie decorating virtual friends.  It took me less than 24 hours to make my carefully considered list of 20.

I sent my email off and waited....and waited...and waited.  After a week, I did a follow-up email asking if they'd gotten my original email.  I recalled my email was balking that first "send day" and although it was in my sent box, I just had a gut feeling.  I was right to check...they'd never received it.  They responded instantly to my second email and told me my cookie cutters would be sent out the next day! glad I double-checked!

Well, Monday, May 7th, I went to the mailbox and viola!  There was a box from Sweet Art Factory in the mail and I couldn't run back to my condo fast enough.  I rattled it and grinned like a loon-head all the way home.

They were out-of-stock on three of my selections and had made substitutions - unfortunately, I had two of the cutters already that they substituted with, but the other sub was a good choice. It was a very tiny flicker of momentary disappointment because my happiness in receiving SO MANY free cookie cutters was irrepressible!!!  Heck, most giveaway contests don't give you a choice at all - it is what it is.  So, happy I was indeed!  As I unpacked the box, it was like Christmas.  I ooohed and ahhhed.  I sorted them by "theme" since I store my cutters that way.  Then I decided to photograph them and write a blog post about the Giveaway.  In the bottom of the box I also found a 20% off coupon for my next order...sweet!  I'll keep an eye out for the big palm tree and the ribbon for a cause cutters that I wanted and were out of stock. I can now get them for 20% off of Sweet Art Factory's already very reasonable prices!  When I got to the very last tissue-wrapped item in the box, I was hoping it was the spider web and spider cutter set that I'd wanted.  I unwrapped it and HOLY SMOKES!  I thought it was a little pre-packaged small web and tiny spider (the web cutter is what I really wanted) - it was a HUGE web and a good-sized!  That should have counted as two cutters...hope they didn't think I was being greedy.  BUT, THANK YOU Sweet Art Factory for my 21 total cutters instead of 20!

Here are the cookie cutters I received.
The web and the spider
A sand dollar, jelly fish, angel fish, and mermaid
A palm tree, a sea gull, a conch shell, a sun, and a dolphin
Butterflies, large and medium
A lady bug, a snail, and a hot air balloon
Last, but not least, the additions to my
Christmas collection...
A reindeer, a large mitten, a cardinal, a wreath,
and a wrapped candy

Pretty awesome, huh?  I can't wait to bake some cookies with my new cookie cutters.  The problem will be finding the time.  The teen has Prom, a senior trip, Graduation (we have guests for that), and we have 3 trips planned the first 6 weeks of Summer.  I will get to it when I can - but this special time of the teen's life is not allowing me a lot of the personal time needed for meticulous cookie decorating! I will get to it and show you pictures when I eventually do have the time!

Thank you so very much Sweet Art Factory!!!  It's the best thing I've won this year!

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  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing all the cookies at some point. They will be wonderful!

  2. I'm partial to the snail! :D Congrats!!!


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