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Monday, December 12, 2011

Meatloaf Monday at PadreRitaVille

We decided to have lunch on the island despite it being a very gloomy drizzly day.  We were able to at least stand and look at waves for a short while before it started drizzling on us again!  I had a three-fold great day...lunch with my husband at PadreRitaVille, a brief but "mind cleansing" bit of time at the beach, and dolphins were cresting and diving as we drove across the causeway heading for home.  I count that as the icing on my happy cake!

We chose PadreRitaVille because we both wanted a salad bar and they usually have a chicken noodle soup that DOESN'T come out of a can!  Today was no exception...and it was Meatloaf Monday on the small buffet to boot!  The down side for me, I left my camera at home...cell phone photos once again.  Sorry :-(

They have daily specials of some sort of another and today, you buy a soup and salad bar for $7.00 and for $1.88 more you can help yourself to Monday's offerings of meatloaf, mac and cheese, some very tasty green beans cooked with bacon and onions, mashed potatoes, and some brown gravy.  There was possibly a bread offering (or something else in that chafing dish) but it was empty by the time we arrived. 

Our experience included a very nice and attentive server, a good chicken noodle soup, a creamy tomato soup if you preferred, and a deliciously adequate selection on the salad bar...I'm always happy when they have boiled eggs - love boiled eggs on my salad.  Salad bars are rare on the island.  I imagine when it is tourist season it's  a hard thing to keep stocked!  Anything "buffet" will draw many ravenous young people I would bet! 

So, like I said, we were happy to make our way to a salad bar and I was, frankly, stuffed after an overflowing plate of salad and a large bowl of that chicken noodle soup made with very tasty broth, tri-colored rotini, and big chunks of chicken and carrots.  That it was served in fish-shaped bowls just made it all the better.  I love their dishes!

I felt compelled to try a bit of the meatloaf, although I will say, I rarely like any one's meatloaf but my own.  I did eat two servings of the green beans (loved them) and the mac and cheese was pretty tasty, and the mashers had potato skin in them, which I liked.  The meat loaf was okay with some gravy on it.  Again, CUTE serving plates.  Little tropical shirt plates!  Everything was very hot (a huge plus for often-tepid buffets) and we walked away happy and full to bursting!

The pleasure was enhanced by Cathy and J. Micheal's very festive Christmas decor.  I love the melange of tropical holiday they manage to produce.  Lights out the wazoo and several Christmas trees, lit snowmen, deer, indoor and couldn't get much more Christmassy!  I loved it.
The big Christmas tree by the bar

Beautiful ceramics atop the salad bar with the whimsy of flip flop lights below!

Signs by the stage - I sent my husband to take the photo!!!

I had to take a couple of photos of islander Julie Love's tiki dudes.  I remembered getting my haircut when she was in the midst of working on some other sculptures for island businesses and we chatted about PadreRitaVille just opening and that she wanted to do a tiki for the wall.  Now it's a year later and there are two.  Good job Ms. Love!

I need to get over there more frequently.  I will say this is one of the 2 times in memory that I've ever gone and not ordered the nachos I find so very addicting.  Glad I made the choice to give the $8.88 special a try!

Bon Appetit, Y'all

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  1. My husband and I ate there tonight. We started with the oysters, which were fine, but we asked for small plates and mine was greasy. When I pointed this out to our server, there was no apology just a grudging replacement. We then split the big steamer (with shrimp, crab, & clams). We had to ask for lemon. We had to ask for salt and pepper. There was a broth cup served with the basket, but no melted butter. We had to ask for the bread which was listed as part of the dish, and received 2 laughable 1/2" slices of baguette. This dish includes sausage, and as most of the seafood must be eaten with hands (peeling shrimp, cracking crab legs), one gets a bit greasy. The napkins provided are polyester, and do not absorb either moisture or grease. Nor is a finger bowl or wet nap provided. The food here was decent, service substandard. Not impressed.

  2. I would have asked for the Manager. How can you rate a place when you make no attempt to see if they correct a situation?

    1. Dear Anonymous: I don't know what you are talking about. I had a wonderful meal, excellent service, and I don't think there was anything to complain about. Maybe you need to re-review the review? Maybe you are talking about the lack of bread? I was okay without and we were there late in the time designated for the buffet. I had crackers and was happy with that. Again, I had no complaints and am very friendly with the management. If I've ever had a complaint, I talk to J. Micheal or Cathy directly with a personal email. They are excellent folks! Sorry you misinterpreted my review as negative. It was not intended that way at all! I LOVE PadreRitaVille!
      The SPI Flip Flop Foodie

  3. Debbie, I just found this page, how awesome of you to mention me & post pictures of the Tiki sculptures. Give me a call. Thanks Julie Love


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