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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sticky Asian Chicken Drummies

I bought chicken drummies to make New Year's Day...and didn't end up making anything snackish after all.  What to do, what to do with 4 pounds of winglets in my freezer?

I started searching online for recipes.  I didn't want to fry them (we, along with millions of other people are making the New Year attempt at eating healthier after the gluttony of the past two months).  I wanted it easy.  I needed to have all the ingredients on that too much to ask?

I couldn't get everything I asked for, but I did run across an interesting recipe called Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken Wings from a blog called Damn Delicious... and that sounded quite delicious to me!

I stuck close to the recipe at the link above, but due to my lack of Sriracha and the bottom bits of honey in the cabinet (most used up during our coughing extravaganza last two to three months between me and Mr. Flip Flop) I was forced to make a few adaptations.  I substituted Vietnamese Chili Garlic Sauce for the Sriracha (it sure gave it a nice kick) and I reduced the honey to about 3 Tbsp instead of 1/4 cup.  I also used dark brown sugar (which has more molasses in it so I figured the sweetness would be balanced despite the smaller amount of honey - and it was).  The blogger, Chungah, has the recipe on her site so I'll invite you to click on the link in the paragraph above for a printable recipe.  I didn't make enough changes to really call it my own at all!

It turned out delicious indeed.  I did, inadvertently, over-cook them, which resulted in some of them literally falling off the bone.  That was a bit of a bummer; but the flavor was truly wonderful!  Follow her times - her drummies looked better than my drummies!

I had no intention of blogging this post, but once I got it plated I thought I'd take a couple of photos.  It was not very bright in the kitchen so they aren't wonderful.  Nonetheless, it's a recipe worth sharing!  Just stick to the original recipe's cook time and you'll do better than me.  My flavor substitutions worked out fine.  I had the leftovers for lunch yesterday and it was great re-warmed ... just wished I'd saved a bit more of the sauce.  The rice sucked it all up on the leftovers.

I scooped up some of the sauce for dipping.  There is brown rice under
the drummies and steamed brocolli on the side.  A rather anemic
looking watermelon for dessert (it tasted good, but the color was too light).
A very satisfying meal!!!

It's cold right now and this seemed like a tasty treat for a cold day.  I'm sure you could use regular chicken drumsticks, whole wings, or even thighs.  I might have to try that.  The flavor was really outstanding!

If you try it, please leave a comment and let me know how it turned out for you.  Inquiring minds want to know!

Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!


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