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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CookieCon 2014 Sugar Art Show Entries

I don't have time to write all about CookieCon (but I will do that later).  I am just home yesterday afternoon and have much catching up to do and about 400 photos to look at.

However, I did want to go ahead and post photos of the two cookies I entered in the Sugar Art Show.  I worked hard on them and I'm kind of proud of how far I've come in the last couple of years.  Sadly, after sitting in the extremely dry air for 3 days in Salt Lake City, my first cookie cracked and crumbled when I picked it up to bring it home.  They both ended up in the trash because I knew they couldn't be eaten and so they went into the garbage.

Glad I photographed them.  Not a winner - but that is absolutely okay.  You should see the cookies that won!  I'll try to get together some of the photos I took of cookies before long.  However, I must get back to real life and that means I have to step away from the blog while I do that!

Here are the two entries!

Entry for "Home Sweet Home" Category
Stylistic representation of the beautiful beach and ocean,
sand castles, and our beloved Sea Turtle, Inc. hatchling releases.
Entry in the "Anything Goes" Category
I had never tried an ombre anything, so I tried the
technique with a flower.  I added two separate
leaf cookies as accents, and embellished them
with piped veins, edible marker veins and dry-brushed
lustre dust.  I painted the accent dots on the flower
with lustre dust dissolved in vodka. The hundreds of
individually piped beads on the flowers was very labor
intensive.  I may never do that again, but I can now say
"I did it"!
All cookies were made with my favorite Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie dough, rolled 3/8" thick, and decorated with vanilla royal icing.  If they hadn't sat around un-covered for 10 days, they would likely have tasted quite yummy!

Thanks for joining me today...more on CookieCon coming up as soon as my life settles down.

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