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Sunday, December 23, 2012

With a Sad Heart...

I'm sorry for disappearing at one of my favorite baking times of the year.  My mother was very ill and passed away this last week.  I was privileged to be by her side as she crossed over and it was peaceful and loving experience.  After getting through the holidays and getting some rest...I'll be back.  I'll be ready to honor her "cooking legacy" with lots of goodies in 2013.

I snapped these photos right before packaging them up and taking them with me.  They had just dried when I got the call.  She loved seeing my cookies and I always felt warm and fuzzy when she admired them.  She enjoyed reading my blog before she lost the ability to use the computer.  I miss her sorely.  She was a great lady.

I enjoyed using "accents" for the sleigh and snowman hats
I made weeks ago from leftover royal icing.  Waste not, want not!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, blessed with good food, family, and love.  Give your loved ones an extra hug...and write down your Mom's and your Grandma's special family recipes while they are still with you.  Having done so with my Mom will remain one of my greatest treasures!  I wrote about it in 2010 and am so thankful to have that memory.

Now, get back to baking and preparing to enjoy a blessed holiday.  I'm going to bake off some of those cookies I froze (aren't I glad I did THAT now!) and take them with me when I return back to Austin for Christmas with my children and grand-children.

Debbi Hook
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