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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gabriella's - a Family Favorite

The teen chose Gabriella's for his birthday dinner and Mom and Dad were very glad!  We realized we had not eaten there since last Fall!  The last couple of times we went, it was soooo crowded, we just couldn't handle the wait.  Shocking to us all when we realized how really long it had been!

I have heard, during the Spring, that the family owning Gabriella's has, or is, phasing out of day-to-day operations (or maybe sold?).  I don't really know since it was hearsay.  I do know the menu was the same, the quality of the food was the same, and the service, while slow in the beginning, picked up to a level not usually experienced (Gabriella's is known for being slow because they make everything upon ordering).  We've never minded because the quality was so worth it.  After a few missteps in the first 15 or so minutes... attempting to seat us in a booth that was so tight my chest would have been sitting on the table, getting a table finally, waiting while others seated after us were served their drinks...after all of that...the rest of the visit worked like a well-oiled machine.  Once our waiter, Hector, arrived...smooth sailing!

Ian asked to start with Calamari with their spicy Marinara Sauce.  I swear it is the best on the island.  What pushes it into the #1 position is the awesome sauce and the perfect breading.  Yummmm.

Next up was the family serving of salad with a small antipasto plate of cheese, pepperocini, and olives. 

Then delicious crisp garlic bread to dip into their SUPERB balsamic and toasted garlic and herb dipping sauce.  Holy smokes I could drink it ... it is that good. 

As soon as we were finished, out came our main dishes.  Perfect timing.  Drink refills, extra bread...ready to dig in. (I get euphoric when I have good service)

My husband ordered a Classic Calzone.  Served on a pizza platter (it is so huge) with a ginormous pile of french fries.  There was so much food he ended up opening the calzone and eating all of the good stuff out of the middle and left about half of the crust.  I tried the calzone crust and dag nab it, it was better than mine.  It was really delicious.

Ian had the ravioli platter with marinara sauce.  Choices were Marinara, Alfredo, or toasted ravioli.  He likes the marinara with a bunch of cheese on top.  He ate every bite (and he didn't wait for the photo before he dug in).  Possibly for the first time ever he said he was too full for more bread and didn't want dessert.  Wow!

I had the Carbonara (the photo didn't turn out - darn cell phone) with bacon and chicken and a opulent asiago sauce...OMG - to die for.  I am the only one who needed a to-go box.  I filled up on Calamari and salad and couldn't even eat half of my main dish - and there was enough for two or three people really.  I enjoyed having it for lunch the next day though!

Except for the missteps to was a wonderful birthday dinner for the boy.  We got stuck on the bridge ... endlessly it seemed... on the way home, but the sun was starting to set and it was beautiful...lots of boats fishing.  I just didn't give a hoot...could have sat looking out at the Laguna Madre for 30 more minutes if needed!

Thanks Gabriella's, for another incredible evening!

Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!

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